What is reality ?? Ever stop to think sometimes we could be dreaming.. all this we call reality is really an illusion.   Read all these theories.. what the mind perceives, the mind can achieve.. so many sayings, so many myths.  What is the truth?

They say our mind does not know the difference between reality and fantasy.  Some think the virtual world is unreal.. it is a place people go to be who they want to be but not necessarily who they can be in reality..  We find so many with fake profiles .. hiding behind the truth of themselves to create a world only known to them .. why ?  what exactly do they run from … both are real because they create it.

When we are asleep and we dream… which one is reality at that time?  Our dreams seems so real .. we can actually feel in our dreams.. .how so ?   I always wondered how we can stay where we are and make someone feel our energy across the vast ocean.   We can close our eyes.. create a fantasy … live in that fantasy.. feel everything about it and then say it is unreal.. only because we cannot physically touch it.

What is amazing is that we are not made of the body but of the spirit.. When we shed the body the soul exists… We don’t need to feel at that point to say it is reality because it is.

So what exactly is reality ?  that which we can feel or that which we create?  We have the limitlessness of our minds yet still we cannot perceive outside the realms of what we call reality.. We cannot think that we can go beyond the flesh and transcend into the worlds beyond this.. We are really stuck in the physicality of this world.

Jim Carrey said in one of his speeches.. “you cannot contain the container” .. We are the container and we only limit ourselves to the vast experience we have in our path.  Let’s create our reality and understand that we live in that which we have put limits on.. When we transcend this we would realise what reality really is 🙂






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The Guitar

Have you ever felt so hurt by someone that you think there is no where to go but down? Sometimes you try to understand why but the why’s are never answered. You see there are people that hold a guitar, the strings on the guitar are the people and they keep playing and playing those chords. When you hurt the people on those strings they can never harmonize… so the music from the guitar sounds horrible.. no one listens. But the player keeps playing and they wonder why no one likes their music.. its because the chords are so hurt and so weak to even begin to sound beautiful.

For years no one buys their music.. they play and play until some of the strings burst and they need to move on to a new guitar. Are you the one holding the guitar? What kind of music do you play? Is it music that people fall in love with ? or is it the noise that people just don’t want to hear. We all make music … we all have that part of us that brings out in others either their best or their worst.

How many people want to sit and listen to the music being played… does the music sing to their soul? Does it make their heart flutter.. does it make their world brighter? We often get played by others .. so many deceits .. so many lies being told across this vast universe… we have all been there… but what matters is how we play our music.. how we sing our tune…and most importantly how we dance to it.

Treating others kindly is one of the most important things we can do for them and for ourselves … how we view the soul.. .how fragile it is at times and how careful we are not to hurt others not only by words but by our actions as well. Sometimes people hurt us so much that we want revenge.. we just want a taste of that satisfaction… we can’t sleep ..we can’t eat.. we just want everything our own way.

Selfishness is one of the most played out emotions these days.. we only see ourselves.. what we need.. how we feel.. what needs to be done to make us feel better .. totally neglecting that which makes others feel loved or cared for.  Is it worth it? When you do this, all you build is resentment towards yourself.. sooner or later those strings will burst and you will no longer play any music let alone hear the sound. You will be left all alone with just a broken guitar.

Let’s play our guitars so that the music we hear are the music the world wants to listen too. Let the sound it makes fill your hearts… Let the song being sung be heard by all so much so that they put it on repeat.  Play your own music and sing to the world .:)

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I came across a gift today that was given to me by someone close a long time ago.. Funny how you cant throw certain things away because they have sentimental value. Some gifts we keep .. some we throw away .. some we don’t like .. some we just love… some we never use.

Aren’t the people that come into our lives something like this ? Each one is a gift? its either we use them or we don’t ? I know for some you love it so much that you fear losing it — so you lock it away and never use it.. take it out from time to time. But wont the gifts we treasure most stay with us?

Even when those gifts get broken we sometimes piece it together and stick it don’t we? but we still keep it.. its just not in its original form. So to sometimes we hurt others and they are shattered in pieces — they pick up the pieces and try again. We too are the gifts for others and if they treasure us we will not be broken that easily but when they don’t we too pick up the pieces.. don’t we?

Everyone that steps into our lives is a gift — how you treasure that gift determines if they are life long gifts or not. Some gifts expire don’t they? Like a box of chocolates.. serves its purpose (maybe get you fat lol) and then its gone… U may remember the gift but its gone — you cant get it back unless you get another box of chocolates.. Some people come into our life and they leave — they serve their purpose and then they are no longer there.

Some are healthy gifts — they are good for you but you just don’t like how it taste 😦 But even these have expiry dates. But they have helped you on your way. So too some people walk in and help us on our way and disappear. All in all if we take everyone as a gift and cherish the purpose they serve we can get rid off a lot of heartache and frustration instead of harboring hate and anger.

Take the gift of each person ..cherish who they are — we often walk out peoples lives because things dont serve us or we have fears battling within — but dont walk out the stage in the middle of a song.. listen to the very last note 🙂


I Wish You

I wish you the deepest form of connection that your soul can acquire with all that you meet

I wish you the understanding in that all is not what it seems to be

I wish your path leaves the unquestionable wisdom that comes from your trials and may the journey you walk bring forth the beauty that lies within

I wish you unconditional love – the kind that is centered in your entire being

I wish you picnics with nature and sand castles by the ocean

I wish you the passion that two souls can ignite on their first hello

I wish you the look of a stranger that brings a smile in your heart

I wish you the moments that take your breath away and that you dont take one thing for granted

I wish you sunny skies but with the promise of the cozy rains

I wish your moments are never too busy that you forget the child within you

I wish your friendships are forever true and that the hands that hold yours make you feel safe on this journey home

I wish that when you close your eyes you can feel the magnificence of just BEING and that the power you hold within shines through

No matter where your path leads I wish you the solitude of the journey and the excitement of each moment

Life can only bring that which you harvest within your soul and thoughts – I wish you wisdom in manifesting.

I wish you a life filled of imaginable happiness and may the roads that lead you “home” are always lit with the promise of peace .

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When Hearts Sing

I sat among some really blessed souls tonight and I found myself just looking around me. The winds in the trees softly caressing my face as I listened to someone talk to us about illness – how what we choose to believe is what is in our reality. If we believe we are the body then we are.. but if we believe we are not of the body..then we are in that knowing that all else is disposable. He says just like our clothes are disposable, so to our body is disposable. The soul wears the body – the body does not wear the soul.

As I quietly looked around me some more.. I saw this woman sitting on the ground – her eyes was closed but she was smiling.. she was singing along to the melody that the others was singing but she had this serene look… she was so happy..and I asked myself – is this happiness ? I saw it .. on her face – it was like nothing else mattered – she was just connecting with her true source and her entire being was lit up.

Some go this lifetime without even experiencing what that feels like. As the night went along I heard singing … words I didn’t understand but I felt it in my soul.   I took up the book to which they were singing from and I glanced at a line – it stated “we are all on our journey with different paths.. sometimes some have straight paths and some have crooked paths.. but it all leads to YOU.” I smiled and recalled from childhood to now how all we do is try to teach others what is the right way.. there is no right way ..

We connect with so many different souls on this journey home.. some connections we understand and some we don’t understand .. Some trigger emotions that make us cry, laugh, angry, depressed sometimes all in one day. But these souls are of most importance to our growth.   How can we not see that they teach us the most valuable lessons. We cannot escape it as each day we bring about what we think about.

Its amazing how restricted our minds are but when we let go of our fears we give ourselves permission to be who we are with others. I see so many times that marriages come to and end because of possessiveness, jealousies and we sometimes think others will change but what happens is you change who you are to be with someone – or to have someone. It will not last if you cannot be true to who you are. Whatever that may be – yes there suppose to be mutual respect but unless we can live without fearing then we have not really lived .. have we?

So sing your songs and clap to the beat of your heart.. wherever it takes you .. feel free within yourself to be you – be you with everyone in compassion and love – the unconditional kind .. and feel that source of comfort when you close your eyes.. Your soul knows what it needs always.. follow your guidance.

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I heard someone say recently – “detachment is key” but how do we achieve that when we are emotionally tied into so many things. We are tied to the laughter of our children – striving to see them happy always, a relationship – when the other person is hurt you are hurt as well – the list can go on and on. How do we detach?

In my perception and what helps me is not really being detached from emotions, or even the people that are causing the emotional conflict but more in the outcome we expect. We are really attached to what we want instead of letting go of the outcome. We can only do what we can .. we have no control over others and how they choose to react to us.

We go day by day trying to make others understand our point of view and that’s ok – we are entitled to state how we feel but the issue lies in when we expect that person to always see things our way and agree with us 100 percent of the time. Everyone have their own values and opinions and once we can allow them to be … then we can detach from the hurt.

Another thing is that sometimes we don’t like to state what we feel and what we would like. We find so many excuses not to say what we would like because we think the person would not do what we want and further more we think we don’t have the right.   But its not about having a right – its about making others understand what makes you feel bad. Its about being true to yourself without fearing how you will be perceived.

We cant all read minds of what is taking place in the lives of others.  Sometimes it so much easier to just say truthfully .. not demand .. but just say whats on your mind in a very calm suttle way. You would be surprised the reaction you would get when you are confident enough to say your truth. Confidence is sexy they say 🙂

When we detach and let go of the need to control everything then we are in a state where we are in pure happiness with who we are. Living our state – our truth without holding on to the chains that bind us. We sometimes wish that others can be like us in their thinking but if everyone was like us .. what a boring world this would be right? We should feel excitement in opposition as this helps us to reach sometimes to the core of who we are. It helps us to grow.. to join with that source that ignite our soul into the magical beings we truly are.

Detach from the outcome you expect and try not to control and you would find yourself being in that state of consciousness that is pure bliss. See the beauty in all that IS.



There is a saying…. “You would know someones “character” by the way they treat the ones who can do absolutely nothing for them”.  True isnt it… I live my life in awareness of people around me … sometimes i see things that sometimes makes me sad inside.  I see others only having time for the ones that maybe can help them move up the ladder or even the ones that are of a certain standard or class.   I see sometimes the ones that are not so fortunate go out of their way to make people happy only to be treated as if they do not exist sometimes. Why do this happen?  How can one relate to a “nice person” when they treat only the people of status with respect and love and the ones that is not of their standard falls by the wayside.

Treating others with respect gains love and admiration from all around you.  Its never lost when you put your time and energy into just loving all that you come in contact with not just the ones that can help you in something or buy something for you.  Its never lost when you invest your time and your love to guiding an orphan or even taking care of them.  Its never lost when you make the time to listen to the less fortunate and help open a way to a brighter path for them.  Its never lost to be LOVE.  Cause this is what we are Love .. We cannot find it — its already here … we cannot search for it.

I often wonder what goes through the mind of others who are treated this way… do they feel low self esteem .. do they gain strength from what is in front of them?  Do they grow up treating others the same way?  We are made of unconditional love .. the kind that does not think about colour, race or status.

I see so many amazing things around me at times — one cannot marry another because they parents want a certain standard or class … totally disregarding the emotions their children are holding within.   Some make themselves turn away from something they feel because it does not fall within what the community expects of them.  Funny isn’t it . how we neglect ourselves for the people that don’t live the rest of our lives for us.

Never underestimate what you have within to transcend the boundaries that were placed on us.  Its never a war when you can be peace with yourself.  So allow yourself to feel.  Allow yourself to trust that being true to you is your right.  If your light is too bright for others when you do this — then hand them a pair of shades 🙂