I want to meet someone ………..
Who sees the dirty corners of her mixed up soul
Who claims her, fucks her, spoils her, cherishes her
Who sees all the faults but still stays
Who makes you feel hollow when he isn’t inside you
Who is territorial because he feels you belong to him
Who brings out the madness within
Who helps you discover your sexuality
Who can make you aroused just by the words “How’s my girl”
Who can walk up behind you .. wraps his arms.. kisses your neck and says “Hi Beautiful”
Who seduces her mind
Who respects her as a lady but owns her in the bedroom
Who can gently rest his hand on her throat and whisper “you are mine”
Who throws his jacket over her when she is cold
Who makes her thoughts race when he is away
Who binds himself to her soul
Who makes you unzip, unhook and undress by just a look
Who holds the door for her to walk in but passes his hands on her as she does
Who welcomes her independence but ties the knot to his wrist
Who holds her when something hurts
Who can ignite the very core of her soul
Who can love the parts she tried to throw away
Who can spend the day talking, kissing, caressing without sex
Who can understand your silence
Who can love the scars on your skin
Who can tempt her mind while making her body wait
Who can look at her from across the room and she knows exactly what he means
Who she can confide in completely
Who can take her trust as the greatest honor and never abuse it
Who can spend his days valuing how he makes her smile
Who leaves cute messages all over for her to see and know she is wanted
Who will leave a fist in the wall when he gets mad at her but won’t exchange her for anything
Who can make her hush during an argument by pinning her to the wall and kissing her
Who can calm her with the sound of his voice
Who values her submission to their love
Who can inhale her sacredness .. but simply breathes life into her
Who can make love to her very existence


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