A Beautiful Disaster

I came across these words a long time ago never thinking that we all find ourselves in a beautiful mess/disaster sometimes more than once in our lives.  How the sweet pain sometimes play with your happily ever after fairytale.  How the boundaries you set for yourselves and for your life sometimes get threatened by truth.  How the universe throws things in your way that rock the very core of you.. changes your belief system and make you submit to that which lies deep within you.

How else can you live?  Running.. such a natural thing for us humans to do..  Some stay in relationships hiding, bottling, being so afraid to say what they feel.  Some are afraid to step on toes or give the other too much to think about.  Sometimes the intensity too much to bear.. how can these intensities happen ?  how can you feel so much ?  Why is this happening when you cannot do anything about it ?

Sometimes we have to understand what is illusion and what is reality.. merely a perception really.  Some say this world is an illusion .. but aren’t we bound by physicality ?  when we can touch it means it is real.  When we can’t touch it we consider it fantasy.  But I always asked the question why does your soul feel at home in the fantasy than in reality ?  The mind does not know the difference.

When our beautiful disasters happen and most times it happens where you are urged to feel more than touch .. it takes us beyond our own reality.  We are transported to the realm of our soul.. where we feel at home.  We have our everyday lives and then something happens.. someone walks in and shakes that up.  Is it a test ?  is it temptation ?  what is it?  We grow .. we are forced to make decisions.. we are forced to “stand”.  It is the beautiful disasters that shape us into who we are meant to be.

Without it .. we are stuck in other people’s truth.. we are stuck in the belief system we were taught from birth.  We deny our truth.  We won’t grow.   We all have to work through our own storms till we reach the day when someone says to you “the storm is coming.. you can reply “I am the storm”.  The fears we hold within are there for us to heal.  It is put there by circumstances and experiences  that created that fear.. It is up to us to heal the scars it causes.  It takes time but Rome was not built in a day.

Hold on to your beautiful disasters.  Trust they will rock your core.. but also trust that it will shape the beautiful soul you are meant to be.


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