Someone told me today about influences.. the negative kind.  A wise woman, known her for years .. she is always my voice of reason most times.  She said everyone contributes to the mass consciousness of the world by our thoughts and vibrations.  She said if you narrow that down to your own life and the people around you it is the same thing.

If you have a home where the majority of the people are negative, controlling, manipulative, that will have an impact on you and most times not positively.  It will drain you, get you ill, you will have mood swings, not much clarity and so many different things can happen.  Same with people of light.. if you have most of those type of people around you they will boost your energy, they will give you hope, they will help you to be the best version of yourself, you will feel alive.

What do we do when we cannot get rid of those around us ?  We have to build ourselves, we have to become aware of the impact they have on us.  We have to be aware of what are our thoughts and the thoughts that feed on fear.   Most times we make decisions based on either love or fear.  When we fear anything it becomes a reality but when we align ourselves with our vision of how we want our lives to be then we are the creators of our lives.

Becoming aware of our own energies, taking responsibility for our own thoughts as well as finding ways to get rid of  our fears is the only way to bring ourselves to the realization that we do not have to be influenced by darkness.  We do not have to allow others to steal our joy or steal our energies.  I lived through it and most of us go through this. We have it in our jobs, our homes even when we go to social gatherings.  We become sometimes like the people we spend most of our time with.  That is because we are sometimes sucked in by them and their mentalities.  We sometimes don’t even realize this until we lose ourselves.

Finding a common ground is hard to do.. We battle with what is morally right, what we need to do to keep peace and what we need to do for others to keep us at peace.  But in reality what we are doing is setting ourselves up for unhappiness within.  Some actually think that is ok because we sacrifice for the people.. one big mistake though .. we can never love others or allow them to love us if we don’t first love ourselves.  Respect comes in all forms .. when we choose to control others, make them live under a microscope we project our own insecurities on them thus allowing others to pull back not really move forward. We pour our energies on them and stop them from even becoming a better version of themselves.

Become aware of the projections of the people around you.  If you cannot remove yourself from it become light itself so much so that the dark energies cannot hamper you.  Protect your thoughts, protect the sacredness within you and be the best version of yourself.   Some pour themselves into getting busy so it takes their mind off facing reality.  Time isn’t ours.  We learn that the hard way sometimes and as time passes we take that same lesson for granted.

Trials, temptations, disappointments all these are helps instead of hindrances if one uses them rightly.  We are not separate from our own karma.  What we give to others will for sure reach back to us.  Be aware of how you want to live within yourself .. be aware of the things and people that drain you.  But most of all raise yourself so that even if you are around them that you are able to block that energy.  Find yourself spending time with the ones that uplift you,  the ones that help you to see the beauty in yourself and those that you don’t have to question their love.  It is felt within.





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