Fertile Roots

How many of us have passions that make our soul smile when we do it.   My father was a plumber but he loved gardening.  He would get his hands dirty… sometimes he will even tell me .. “come and help me”  of course I would, but not with a bag over my hands lol.  Coming to work this morning I recalled that time where I would sit with him on a little brick and watch him do what he enjoyed doing.  He loved to see the crop grow.. he loved to see the flowers bloom but most of all how he would pick those same flowers when he forgot my mother’s birthday lol.

Driving sometimes allow you the time to reflect and to come up with how some things are so similar in life to the things we do everyday .  I couldn’t help but view life the same way as these crops, these flowers that we put our time, love and energy into.  What happens when we don’t give it time?  what happens when we don’t water it?  what happens when we don’t give it the fertilizers they need to grow ?  It withers and die.

Like life and relationships .. same thing.  The only difference is relationships don’t really need the tangible things most times.  Most times it needs the emotional stimulations that allows others to feel wanted, needed, cared for and most of all loved.  That’s how we bloom, that’s how we grow.  Give a man food, shelter, clothing and he would have just that.. food shelter and clothing.. but give him unconditional love, care and respect and this man would grow into something extraordinary.

How much time do we put into the things we say we love.  How much time do we spend just saying “Hello, how was your day?” “are you ok?”.  How much time do we spend taking care of the relationships that mean the world to us ?  Funny how life works, some 30 years later I can reflect on what my father did and understand.  People need to feel loved but it all starts with loving yourself.

A very dear friend of mines messaged me last night… his words to me was ..”Something you said to me last week made me think.. I am not doing that in my real life.. I need to get back to doing it.”  Words sometimes can trigger emotions when we least expect it.  We sometimes allow others to water our own garden, to take care of the things we need to take care of.

There are so many experiments on plants where they would put one in a room filled with negative energies and one with positive energies,  I don’t have to tell you which one remained alive.  The one with all the love and care.  Don’t allow our lack of care to ruin our garden.  Water it, feed it what it needs to survive but most of all love what you do.  Love who are around you and take care of those fragile relationships that bring you the most joy.  Even the withered gardens can be watered and revived.  Trust in your abilities to create.


2 thoughts on “Fertile Roots

  1. And yet another powerful message. The lessons we can all learn from this can make this world so much better. Keep up the great writing. It helps us all stay focused and positive.

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