No no I don’t mean take all your clothes off :).  Came across a quote today that read “The greatest intimacy is the nakedness of two minds”.   Some relationships make us cover up who we are.  Some make us change who we are.  Other relationships allow us to bask in our own nakedness.  How sexy is that ?  The intimacy of two minds merging the sacredness of who they are without question.. trusting implicitly.

They say nothing is more sexy than  someone who knows what they want.. It does not mean they may get what they want but that knowing within them is enough to show the nakedness of who they are.  Ever had someone tell you “you are mines”  no one else’s.  How does that make you feel?  Makes you feel you belong.. You are loved.  I am not talking about the kind of obsession where it is unhealthy,  but the integrating of desires that causes that deepness that most of us seek.

How many times do we see people step back when they feel they have gotten so close to someone. It frightens them.  They rather put energy into something because they know what the outcome is going to be.   They think it is wasting time and energy on relationships that have no clear outcome.    So instead of allowing the deepness with that person they leave because in their minds it makes no sense.   We all live our lives to be happy and seek that happiness but it is always on the physical front as well.   What we don’t understand sometimes that our emotional state is what needs feeding most of the time.  Not really the physical.. the physical is great .. sure it is but what satisfies the soul?

People in long distance relationships depend on spirituality to connect and feel more than they can touch.  Some of the most deeply found passions are more on the spiritual connection with someone over the physical.  Allowing your nakedness to someone is one of the most intimate things you can do.   It is sacred, it is love.

Being intimate is allowing the other to see you just as you are.  Learning and growing with each other.  Conversing in a way that no one else can.  Allowing your humor to charge you.   Thinking and allowing the other to feel your thoughts.  Calling that person and seeing them answer your call telepathically.   Most of all during the painful times for that person to hold your hand with the knowing that everything is going to be ok.

When you stop putting energy into something it withers.  Just like flowers, plants and everything else you need.  Without the energy flowing it will not survive.   I often think when people complain about their partner that he or she gets angry and jealous, I smile as I see it when people stop reacting is when you need to worry.   When it does not bother them if they hear from you or not.  People speak all the time as in my other post Unpsoken Messages.. they send you the signs and they tell you what they are thinking most of the time.

Cherish the ones that give you that feeling.. that feeling you have for years at a time. That feeling of the craziness.. the high.. the “omg you drive me bonkers”  kind of feeling but I wont trade you for the world.  The knowing that someone connects with you in such a profound way.   Luxuriate your sensuality and allow your nakedness only to those who are worth it.



2 thoughts on “Nakedness

  1. I love that last line, “Allow your nakedness only to those who are worth it.” How many times do we bare or souls to people only to find out later that the person we are with was not deserving? Yet another post that has my mind spinning, thank you for all the wisdom and insight. Reading these truly does inspire me to be a better person.

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