Unspoken Messages

I was talking to someone this morning and he said to me when you are in a relationship “A bad day should be a surprise not an expectation”.  We decided to write that down and make it into a quote lol but within it comes the deep realization of what it truly means.

Do you ever wake up wondering if today is going to be a good day with the person you love or if it is going to be a bad one ?  What about people who are in physically abusive relationships , can we even imagine what they are going through when they wake up in the morning?  What are they thinking, how do they feel?   Other peoples issues are not ours to fix but how we are there for others makes the world of difference sometimes.

Do we listen to the unspoken words or messages people give us ? People are always talking even when they don’t say anything at all.  They say silence is the loudest scream  and it truly is.  Do we hear what others are trying to say when they don’t say it?  Life is so easy but sometimes our egos are so inflated that so many things can happen.  People can sabotage anything because they themselves feel they are not deserving of happiness or love.

Even in the messages they send do we dig deeper and try to figure out why is this person so hurt, why do they do what they do.  Why do they have everything beautiful in front of them but try to take that all away?.  So many questions and the answers are sometimes never there.  When someone speak without words .. listen.  When someone does not care to spend time with you .. listen.  When someone does not care to be there for you.. listen  When someone does not care to share how they feel with you.. listen.  When someone does not show they love you .. listen.  We are caught up in waiting for things to change,  we are caught up with hope.  Jim Carrey said “I don’t believe in hope, hope is a beggar, hope walks through the fire, faith leaps over it.”

About 3 months ago I was face to face with a woman who was about to lose her home the very next day.  Her words to me “I am going home and make my last dinner in my house and I am going to kill myself, there is no hope for me anymore’.  I stood there in shock, all I could have said was ‘Have faith”  you are never alone.  Three months after she have her home and got a job and smiling like it didn’t happen.

People don’t mean to hurt us half the time.. they are sometimes doing the best they can without realizing the unspoken messages they send.  We will always feel the consequences of our own actions.  We are never separate from our own karma.  Do not devalue yourself to accept the unspoken messages.  Listen to it, accept it but move on to the clarity of your own voice.  Hold the hands of the ones that never let go.



7 thoughts on “Unspoken Messages

  1. Another beautifully articulated passage of wisdom and insight. It’s like peeling back the layers of an onion reading these. There is always another layer to learn something from. Thank you so much for these.

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