“Walk away if it’s bad for you, try harder if it’s good for you and be smart enough to know the difference”.  Someone sent me that quote and it made me think a bit.  Do we know the difference?  when things are disguised as love, when you are torn between what you see over what you feel.  How many of us have been stuck and we allow others to block the traffic to us.  There is another saying “If you would like to stay in my life the door is always open, if you would like to leave the door is always open but don’t stand in the doorway blocking traffic'”.

We do that so many times, allow people to stand in our doorway.. they do not serve your highest good but we still not smart enough to know the difference and let go.  In healing you would know that when you don’t speak your truth and bottle things in you harm your body,  things start manifesting.  We allow ourselves to be sick by not standing in our truth.

We allow people to make us feel less than beautiful, we apologize for who we are when others are not accepting of us.  We walk on egg shells trying to make sure we don’t ruin something that makes you feel good just ten percent of the time.  We don’t realize we aren’t allowing the other 90 percent to walk in.  We concentrate so much on a feeling.. a feeling that someone made us feel months ago, trying to bring it back to the present.  If it is gone it is gone.  If you are worth it .. the other person will be trying just as hard as you to get it back.  If they aren’t walk away.  Leave them to be who they want to be .. Step into your own light and let others see how beautiful you are.

Don’t be afraid, don’t be someone that pushes others away, be the one that never let go the hand of another.  Step by step , one day at a time, everything will bloom again if we have trust in ourselves, if we have belief in the consciousness that we are and most of all if we truly understand that we are here for the journey to ourselves.

Be the best version of yourself,  if someone does not like you for that .. let them walk.  If they cannot handle you at your worst, they don’t deserve you at your best.  Be with someone that go out of their way to make you smile every single day.  Be with someone that plays with your hair before they fall asleep.  Be with someone that says “I am sorry, I hurt you, I want to try harder”.  Be with someone that don’t allow you to question your very soul.  Be with someone that love the essence of who you are and who wants to know everything about you.  Be with someone who takes the time to write you and say “How are you”.  I’m thinking of you.  Be with someone that leaves their mark in your heart and mind.

Follow that which makes your heart sing.  Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire 🙂







4 thoughts on “Doorways

  1. What an amazing piece of writing and insight. If everyone could think like this and live their lives by these values\rules, what an even more amazing planet this would be.

  2. Thank you for your insightful writing. Something that struck me,as I read it is that for some of us we may push someone we love away because intuitively we know something malignant is coming towards us and we cannot escape it, but we can spare the ones we love even if it means pushing them away.

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