Lasting Impressions

“People will always remember how you make them feel” a quote  that have been told to me by quite a few people over time.  So many of them we can remember that sometimes gives us the knowing that we accept less than we deserve most times.  Such a true saying though.. we will always remember how people make us feel.. not so much the words they say .. we sometimes forget that but how they make us feel stays with us forever.  It is the bridge between making it and not making it in every relationship.. whether it be parents, lovers, friendships.  The feeling that comes with unconditional love is priceless.

How often do we hear words that makes you feel warm inside only for it to be short lived by the actions that follow?   How often do people make us question?  How often do people make us doubt.   There is another quote  “When people show you who they are, believe them”.  Do we really have to search for answers sometimes ?  How many times have you heard others talk about relationships and how the other person makes them feel.  Some live in marriages all their life not saying what is killing them inside.  Some live in abuse because they think they have too.

How often do we see one person treating someone cruel only for that person to be taken up by someone who treats them better “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” so they say.  So many thought provoking questions as to why people do what they do.  Why do they take for granted the things that once makes them feel so good.  In life we have choices .. everyday .. we choose to stay or we choose to leave behind that which makes us feel inadequate.   Chapters of goodbyes they say life is and rightly so.

We choose who makes us feel good,  we also have to realize how we treat others is what we get in return sometimes.  Sometimes people have their own agendas.. they have their own issues we just don’t understand.. they have the wars going on within and they don’t mean to hurt others but in their actions you feel hurt.  Those things are short lived as people who really do care find a way to make everything better.   The ones that continue to make you feel less of yourself or that you are a nobody are the ones we need to let go of.

Love who you are .. become that which makes everyone you come into contact with feel good about who they are and that they make a difference.  Make all feel the warmth whether they spend two minutes or a day.  We all have ups and downs in relationships but the ones that are true even when you have a fight you will never want to escape.  You rather have bad times with that person as you know deep within they are so worth it.

Realize your worth.. when others make you feel worthless it is not that you are .. it is their inability  to be consistent in their actions.  It is their inability to care about what they say that brings sadness to others.  Some just don’t care much about anyone but themselves.   Unfortunately selfishness exist within us.  The ego needs to be stroked. Control needs to happen for most to feel they are great.

Let us not get caught up in the issues of others but only in the things we can control.  Let us remember the little things that builds the foundation of relationships.  Let us try  not slip in how we make others feel.  Even if we do find that place where they can understand you did not mean to hurt them.  When you make someone happy now, you make them happy ten years from now just by the memory of it.  Don’t let the bad times overpower the good.  When we look in the mirror let us be happy about the reflection.




2 thoughts on “Lasting Impressions

  1. “Let us not get caught up in the issues of others but only in the things we can control.” WOW. If only we as a human race could follow this one outstanding piece of advice, how much better off would we all be. The writer of this article has nailed it right on the head.

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