Death ask no questions

At 12.03 am a voice mail was left on my phone from my mom… It said “Sheeda Sheeda come come” .  It was  the voice of fear on the other end of the phone that something was about to take place that no one was prepared for.   At 12.04 I returned the call without checking the voice mail and again on the other end was someone that you spent all your life with at the end of hers. 

You can feel it within you and all you want to do is be right there with them… time did not permit me .. Death waits on no one … it ask no questions.  It does not ask “Are you feeling ok ..would you like me to hold until your children get here?.  It does not ask  “would you like a couple more minutes?”  It does not ask “Would you like one more meal?”    It does not ask anything … It just sweeps in when you least expect it. 

I spent the last words saying to her… Mom “I am on my way” .   Death did not wait on me.. it didn’t care if this woman  spent all her life taking care of me and my siblings.   I learnt some valuable lessons in one day…  Just one day — where death swept in and took her away.  Everything became so crystal clear.

Old age is not a disease…  it is something that each one of us may go through if we don’t die young. We will get it in so many different forms but rest assured we will taste of it…  My mom if nothing else taught me patience… I held my tongue so many times … She taught me to think before I talk… better to stay silent if you have nothing good to say. 

I found myself irritable a lot lately having to answer the phone a hundred times just to answer the same questions… what I won’t do to hear those same questions over and over now.. There is a saying “You don’t miss the water till the well runs dry”  and so true it is.

Find the time to spend with family and friends… someone ask you for something and you can give them it then give it.. you never know where they will be tomorrow.   Bring a smile to the lips of those around you for as long as you can.  Treasure that which you have no control over .. “time”  it is not ours.. 

It is amazing that when tragedy strikes all you remember is the good times… the bad fades away.  You see the good in the person .. Everything shines.  If only we can live like we are dying .   Take time to understand that which is beyond your comprehension… and always remember “Death ask no questions”

Rest in peace Happejan Ali… you will always be my mom.   Thank you for all you have done for me.   I was blessed to take you around the Kaaba and still that cannot make up for one drop of milk you fed me.   I will miss you more than you know.. Love you Mom  .






2 thoughts on “Death ask no questions

  1. When a parent dies, especially a mother, its like part of our soul dies as well. Your mum was a strong woman. I am glad you were able help her assist her to Haaj. Allah will continue to bestow many blessings to you. Death waits on no one. Excellent thoughts that I so understand.

    • The many blessings we incur by the little things we do for them…we sometimes don’t even realise it..your mom was taken cared of by you..something that some mothers cannot enjoy…may all the little things u did for her help u on your path where in turn your beautiful children returns it to u

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