Who defines us ?

A beautiful soul said to me last night…”You either get busy living..or you get busy dying”.  Food for thought right ?  Who defines us ?  Our parents, teachers, society, our past, God?  Who?  We go through so many things, some so much more than others that we end up in such a dark place even though the outer shell is so tough.

What about a mother who buries her kids because someone decides to drop a bomb in a place they call home?  What about the man sleeping on the side of the road without a blanket at night ?  What about the child that had so many scars and memories that they feel so unworthy to the world.  What about that little girl that was touched sexually by someone she knows ripping her soul apart .. who couldn’t face the world let alone relationships..  What about that baby that came into the world with a defect as we see it, that have to live with the fact that they feel  less than others because they don’t consider themselves “normal”.   What about the ones who went through kidnapping, rape, illness that are still standing today ?  how do we define them ? 

We define who we are .. no one else … the fears, the insecurities, that unworthy feeling is just fear, fear of your own magnificence.  I keep coming back to Jim Carrey’s words ..”Decisions are made based on two things .. Love or fear.. choose love”.   Do we choose love?  I am so sure we want too but somehow we find comfort in that dark place .. it is all we know.. We don’t know how to be magnificent.. we don’t even know how to believe in our own strength. 

What about that child that was told that he will amount to nothing but he turns out to be someone’s everything ?  How do we define that ?  Who made that decision?  The person who said this to him ?  I don’t think so… They were the driving force if we look at it closely enough.   We harbor so many feelings and resentment for the people that are our greatest teachers….Do we have a karmic past with these people that hurt us ?  what is it that we did that was deserving of such horror?  So many questions, not much answers. 

Our life is not defined by anyone but us … we are the creators of our own path… the people we meet, the horror story’s can only have the effect we want it to have.  We have the power to make someone’s day by just a smile,  we make up the whole… every single one of us … we are soo freaking worthy that without our little atom.. the whole cannot be complete.. That divine consciousness – what more is there?.  All we need to do is believe in the promise that lies within us .


2 thoughts on “Who defines us ?

  1. Every day is a choice and every thought that fills it the same. Some find difficutly in changing their thoughts of despair, for that is all they know in their given situation. Some will refuse to remain in pain and some will not believe these very words. We rejoice in those who make the changes and pray for those who choose to remain. Thank you Sis…beautiful!

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