What is reality ?? Ever stop to think sometimes we could be dreaming.. all this we call reality is really an illusion.   Read all these theories.. what the mind perceives, the mind can achieve.. so many sayings, so many myths.  What is the truth?

They say our mind does not know the difference between reality and fantasy.  Some think the virtual world is unreal.. it is a place people go to be who they want to be but not necessarily who they can be in reality..  We find so many with fake profiles .. hiding behind the truth of themselves to create a world only known to them .. why ?  what exactly do they run from … both are real because they create it.

When we are asleep and we dream… which one is reality at that time?  Our dreams seems so real .. we can actually feel in our dreams.. .how so ?   I always wondered how we can stay where we are and make someone feel our energy across the vast ocean.   We can close our eyes.. create a fantasy … live in that fantasy.. feel everything about it and then say it is unreal.. only because we cannot physically touch it.

What is amazing is that we are not made of the body but of the spirit.. When we shed the body the soul exists… We don’t need to feel at that point to say it is reality because it is.

So what exactly is reality ?  that which we can feel or that which we create?  We have the limitlessness of our minds yet still we cannot perceive outside the realms of what we call reality.. We cannot think that we can go beyond the flesh and transcend into the worlds beyond this.. We are really stuck in the physicality of this world.

Jim Carrey said in one of his speeches.. “you cannot contain the container” .. We are the container and we only limit ourselves to the vast experience we have in our path.  Let’s create our reality and understand that we live in that which we have put limits on.. When we transcend this we would realise what reality really is 🙂







5 thoughts on “Reality

  1. if dreams are the inspiration of reality helping to guide us down life’s path I wonder why more of us don’t follow our dreams and not the reality that we live in.

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