The Guitar

Have you ever felt so hurt by someone that you think there is no where to go but down? Sometimes you try to understand why but the why’s are never answered. You see there are people that hold a guitar, the strings on the guitar are the people and they keep playing and playing those chords. When you hurt the people on those strings they can never harmonize… so the music from the guitar sounds horrible.. no one listens. But the player keeps playing and they wonder why no one likes their music.. its because the chords are so hurt and so weak to even begin to sound beautiful.

For years no one buys their music.. they play and play until some of the strings burst and they need to move on to a new guitar. Are you the one holding the guitar? What kind of music do you play? Is it music that people fall in love with ? or is it the noise that people just don’t want to hear. We all make music … we all have that part of us that brings out in others either their best or their worst.

How many people want to sit and listen to the music being played… does the music sing to their soul? Does it make their heart flutter.. does it make their world brighter? We often get played by others .. so many deceits .. so many lies being told across this vast universe… we have all been there… but what matters is how we play our music.. how we sing our tune…and most importantly how we dance to it.

Treating others kindly is one of the most important things we can do for them and for ourselves … how we view the soul.. .how fragile it is at times and how careful we are not to hurt others not only by words but by our actions as well. Sometimes people hurt us so much that we want revenge.. we just want a taste of that satisfaction… we can’t sleep ..we can’t eat.. we just want everything our own way.

Selfishness is one of the most played out emotions these days.. we only see ourselves.. what we need.. how we feel.. what needs to be done to make us feel better .. totally neglecting that which makes others feel loved or cared for.  Is it worth it? When you do this, all you build is resentment towards yourself.. sooner or later those strings will burst and you will no longer play any music let alone hear the sound. You will be left all alone with just a broken guitar.

Let’s play our guitars so that the music we hear are the music the world wants to listen too. Let the sound it makes fill your hearts… Let the song being sung be heard by all so much so that they put it on repeat.  Play your own music and sing to the world .:)


2 thoughts on “The Guitar

  1. Playing from the heart, the tune shall always carry a bit of magic…waiting to be heard by another. Sometimes we just play for ourselves…sometimes we may need to play for all to hear.

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