I came across a gift today that was given to me by someone close a long time ago.. Funny how you cant throw certain things away because they have sentimental value. Some gifts we keep .. some we throw away .. some we don’t like .. some we just love… some we never use.

Aren’t the people that come into our lives something like this ? Each one is a gift? its either we use them or we don’t ? I know for some you love it so much that you fear losing it — so you lock it away and never use it.. take it out from time to time. But wont the gifts we treasure most stay with us?

Even when those gifts get broken we sometimes piece it together and stick it don’t we? but we still keep it.. its just not in its original form. So to sometimes we hurt others and they are shattered in pieces — they pick up the pieces and try again. We too are the gifts for others and if they treasure us we will not be broken that easily but when they don’t we too pick up the pieces.. don’t we?

Everyone that steps into our lives is a gift — how you treasure that gift determines if they are life long gifts or not. Some gifts expire don’t they? Like a box of chocolates.. serves its purpose (maybe get you fat lol) and then its gone… U may remember the gift but its gone — you cant get it back unless you get another box of chocolates.. Some people come into our life and they leave — they serve their purpose and then they are no longer there.

Some are healthy gifts — they are good for you but you just don’t like how it taste 😦 But even these have expiry dates. But they have helped you on your way. So too some people walk in and help us on our way and disappear. All in all if we take everyone as a gift and cherish the purpose they serve we can get rid off a lot of heartache and frustration instead of harboring hate and anger.

Take the gift of each person ..cherish who they are — we often walk out peoples lives because things dont serve us or we have fears battling within — but dont walk out the stage in the middle of a song.. listen to the very last note πŸ™‚


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