I Wish You

I wish you the deepest form of connection that your soul can acquire with all that you meet

I wish you the understanding in that all is not what it seems to be

I wish your path leaves the unquestionable wisdom that comes from your trials and may the journey you walk bring forth the beauty that lies within

I wish you unconditional love – the kind that is centered in your entire being

I wish you picnics with nature and sand castles by the ocean

I wish you the passion that two souls can ignite on their first hello

I wish you the look of a stranger that brings a smile in your heart

I wish you the moments that take your breath away and that you dont take one thing for granted

I wish you sunny skies but with the promise of the cozy rains

I wish your moments are never too busy that you forget the child within you

I wish your friendships are forever true and that the hands that hold yours make you feel safe on this journey home

I wish that when you close your eyes you can feel the magnificence of just BEING and that the power you hold within shines through

No matter where your path leads I wish you the solitude of the journey and the excitement of each moment

Life can only bring that which you harvest within your soul and thoughts – I wish you wisdom in manifesting.

I wish you a life filled of imaginable happiness and may the roads that lead you “home” are always lit with the promise of peace .


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