When Hearts Sing

I sat among some really blessed souls tonight and I found myself just looking around me. The winds in the trees softly caressing my face as I listened to someone talk to us about illness – how what we choose to believe is what is in our reality. If we believe we are the body then we are.. but if we believe we are not of the body..then we are in that knowing that all else is disposable. He says just like our clothes are disposable, so to our body is disposable. The soul wears the body – the body does not wear the soul.

As I quietly looked around me some more.. I saw this woman sitting on the ground – her eyes was closed but she was smiling.. she was singing along to the melody that the others was singing but she had this serene look… she was so happy..and I asked myself – is this happiness ? I saw it .. on her face – it was like nothing else mattered – she was just connecting with her true source and her entire being was lit up.

Some go this lifetime without even experiencing what that feels like. As the night went along I heard singing … words I didn’t understand but I felt it in my soul.   I took up the book to which they were singing from and I glanced at a line – it stated “we are all on our journey with different paths.. sometimes some have straight paths and some have crooked paths.. but it all leads to YOU.” I smiled and recalled from childhood to now how all we do is try to teach others what is the right way.. there is no right way ..

We connect with so many different souls on this journey home.. some connections we understand and some we don’t understand .. Some trigger emotions that make us cry, laugh, angry, depressed sometimes all in one day. But these souls are of most importance to our growth.   How can we not see that they teach us the most valuable lessons. We cannot escape it as each day we bring about what we think about.

Its amazing how restricted our minds are but when we let go of our fears we give ourselves permission to be who we are with others. I see so many times that marriages come to and end because of possessiveness, jealousies and we sometimes think others will change but what happens is you change who you are to be with someone – or to have someone. It will not last if you cannot be true to who you are. Whatever that may be – yes there suppose to be mutual respect but unless we can live without fearing then we have not really lived .. have we?

So sing your songs and clap to the beat of your heart.. wherever it takes you .. feel free within yourself to be you – be you with everyone in compassion and love – the unconditional kind .. and feel that source of comfort when you close your eyes.. Your soul knows what it needs always.. follow your guidance.


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