I heard someone say recently – “detachment is key” but how do we achieve that when we are emotionally tied into so many things. We are tied to the laughter of our children – striving to see them happy always, a relationship – when the other person is hurt you are hurt as well – the list can go on and on. How do we detach?

In my perception and what helps me is not really being detached from emotions, or even the people that are causing the emotional conflict but more in the outcome we expect. We are really attached to what we want instead of letting go of the outcome. We can only do what we can .. we have no control over others and how they choose to react to us.

We go day by day trying to make others understand our point of view and that’s ok – we are entitled to state how we feel but the issue lies in when we expect that person to always see things our way and agree with us 100 percent of the time. Everyone have their own values and opinions and once we can allow them to be … then we can detach from the hurt.

Another thing is that sometimes we don’t like to state what we feel and what we would like. We find so many excuses not to say what we would like because we think the person would not do what we want and further more we think we don’t have the right.   But its not about having a right – its about making others understand what makes you feel bad. Its about being true to yourself without fearing how you will be perceived.

We cant all read minds of what is taking place in the lives of others.  Sometimes it so much easier to just say truthfully .. not demand .. but just say whats on your mind in a very calm suttle way. You would be surprised the reaction you would get when you are confident enough to say your truth. Confidence is sexy they say 🙂

When we detach and let go of the need to control everything then we are in a state where we are in pure happiness with who we are. Living our state – our truth without holding on to the chains that bind us. We sometimes wish that others can be like us in their thinking but if everyone was like us .. what a boring world this would be right? We should feel excitement in opposition as this helps us to reach sometimes to the core of who we are. It helps us to grow.. to join with that source that ignite our soul into the magical beings we truly are.

Detach from the outcome you expect and try not to control and you would find yourself being in that state of consciousness that is pure bliss. See the beauty in all that IS.


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