There is a saying…. “You would know someones “character” by the way they treat the ones who can do absolutely nothing for them”.  True isnt it… I live my life in awareness of people around me … sometimes i see things that sometimes makes me sad inside.  I see others only having time for the ones that maybe can help them move up the ladder or even the ones that are of a certain standard or class.   I see sometimes the ones that are not so fortunate go out of their way to make people happy only to be treated as if they do not exist sometimes. Why do this happen?  How can one relate to a “nice person” when they treat only the people of status with respect and love and the ones that is not of their standard falls by the wayside.

Treating others with respect gains love and admiration from all around you.  Its never lost when you put your time and energy into just loving all that you come in contact with not just the ones that can help you in something or buy something for you.  Its never lost when you invest your time and your love to guiding an orphan or even taking care of them.  Its never lost when you make the time to listen to the less fortunate and help open a way to a brighter path for them.  Its never lost to be LOVE.  Cause this is what we are Love .. We cannot find it — its already here … we cannot search for it.

I often wonder what goes through the mind of others who are treated this way… do they feel low self esteem .. do they gain strength from what is in front of them?  Do they grow up treating others the same way?  We are made of unconditional love .. the kind that does not think about colour, race or status.

I see so many amazing things around me at times — one cannot marry another because they parents want a certain standard or class … totally disregarding the emotions their children are holding within.   Some make themselves turn away from something they feel because it does not fall within what the community expects of them.  Funny isn’t it . how we neglect ourselves for the people that don’t live the rest of our lives for us.

Never underestimate what you have within to transcend the boundaries that were placed on us.  Its never a war when you can be peace with yourself.  So allow yourself to feel.  Allow yourself to trust that being true to you is your right.  If your light is too bright for others when you do this — then hand them a pair of shades 🙂


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