Where is the label ?? this was the most important question I heard in a recent thought provoking movie. An alien asked while being on earth – “how do we know where to find the label that God put on us .. how do we know which Company we belong to? Its amazing sometimes how these simple questions provoke your mind and allows you to “think outside the box”. There are no labels – just “us” fragments of the whole… our consciousness creates bubbles as we send our vibrations of our thoughts out there.

This alien was so confused as everywhere he went he heard something different … some say slaughter the cow… some say its sacred… some say take off your shoe to go inside the holy place … some say you can walk in with it… some say to bow your head down to the ground… others say clasp your hands.. for someone who does not know … what does he choose? The label given to him by his parents and community or the label he finds within himself?

I have seen so many people these days caught up in what they want their life to be.. their perceptions of how things should be and what is right from wrong. They try to control and as they do that they fuel the insecurities that lie within. How many of us allow this ? How many of us allow others to take away our own power.. our own right to be who we are ?

We try to make things important in our lives .. the things that make us aware that we are beautiful creatures roaming this earth and on that path home, but walking around with the labels others put on us not God. In my mind he didn’t put a label…there are no labels … just love.

It does not matter if we see labels or not – or if we believe we should be attached to a sect. There is no division.. we created this ourselves… we fueled the rules that man laid down for us to follow. Those walls are slowly coming down as I watch the world rise in consciousness. Our duty ? simple .. take the labels away and live our lives free to be who we are and carry in our hearts the religion of “Love”.


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