Dream On

Sometimes the more you read … the more questions you have.. ever had that feeling?  You find yourself asking “what if” and “how can this be so” or the famous “This cannot be right.. I was not taught this”.  Well its true isn’t it?  We believe what we were taught most of the time.. not what we hold inside as truth.  Many of the times we ignore that feeling and just go by what we were brought up believing and more so what the “community” would like to see of us.

I have been reading a lot lately and questions do arise… One of the things I read was “this is all a dream”  then we awake our true reality.  Is it all a dream?  are we dreaming ourselves into what we call our reality.  Is it like sleeping in your bed and you find yourself in a dream state and you travel to different places but you are still safe in your bed ?  Food for thought isn’t it?  Whatever it is we have to let go and just be.  Practising forgiveness in its true sense helps us to reach to that state of enlightenment where we can know who we truly are.  Following ego is not the answer.

We are attached to this life as one told me recently so we do have to take our tablets, eat, sleep etc.  Whether a dream or not we are here as we have put ourselves here by projection of thoughts.  What we project is what we see in the world. When we forgive someone else are we forgiving ourselves?  as we are all One ?  Being in a state of questioning helps us sometimes and sometimes not.   Living in disharmony does not bring wisdom.. only living in peace does.  Following that which God created for us.

We are in this life pondering who is right .. who is wrong.. what way is the right way.. saying which way is wrong.. but does it make any sense?  People follow that which holds dear to them in the end… either that which they were brought up believing or following that voice within.  Whichever is your path… walk it with passion and forgiveness.

Lets dream our reality back to that which we are … Unconditional loving souls.. not separated from God.  Stop the guilt we hold on to within… the guilt that sends us to think that we are forever going to be punished by a loving God.  When I think of him I can think of nothing by unconditional love .. I feel it in my being.  Feel that and dream your way back to him 🙂

As the saying goes …. “Dream On”


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