If I can turn back time

Its been a while for me since I wrote but I am sure everything is in its own timing.   I have heard this line quite a few times lately :If only I can turn back time”.  It sure comes to mind with some of the experiences or “mistakes” we have made in our lives. We would like to just go back and change it all.   We want to go back and do the “right” thing.  We would like to somehow erase that which makes us feel ashamed,  erase the guilt somehow … find a way to take away some of the pain you may have caused others, or even some of the pain others have caused you, if you had just made the “right” choice.  If you had just noticed the sign maybe you would not have found yourself in an abusive relationship or if you had just listen to your intuition, maybe just maybe, you could have avoided all the things that you are going through now. 

How many times do we beat up on ourselves just sitting and reliving that which we feel bad about,… that which we feel guilty about… that which we no longer have any control over.  We sometimes go so far in reliving this that we constantly feel all the emotions over and over again even though it happened so long ago.  We hold on to that which we have no control over and we constantly live in regret. 

Turning back time is not an option but letting go is.  When we can adapt to the saying “there is good in all that IS”  then we can understand that everything that transpires are just building blocks to our overall growth.  If we don’t see the lessons that every situation is here to teach us then we cannot move forward and we will constantly be stuck in the time zone we place ourselves in.  We will continue to live in the past and we lose sight of the present. 

The present moment is all we ever have.  Not the future or the past.  I heard a saying from Jim Carrey recently… he said ..  “You cannot contain the container”.. and so rightly said… You are the container… You are the one that holds the power to change.. to grow.  The universe is contained within you … Dream your reality and bring it forth..

Let go of that which brings you regret or guilt — it does not exist..  Let go of that which brings you pain… it does not exist.  Live that power you have within to transform into anything you set your mind to.. We all have things we live with but the secret is to understand that those things are no longer here… We feel the pain of it from time to time but when we change our perspective we can smile instead.  Feel that your life is magnificent and we can and would eventually reach that state of pure bliss.. Seeing the universe in that light.  We are not what we see in the world … we are much more than that. 

Don’t turn back time my friends … instead use the present moment to choose happiness.. use the present moment to be the soul you came here to be — magnificent and powerful 🙂




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