Soul Connections

Soul connections… how do we understand it all ?  Is it past lives that have us feeling so close to people we meet?  Or is it the vibrations and energies that people send out that draw us to them ?  Im sure each one of us from time to time meet people and we cannot understand why we feel so strongly for them .. we get confused sometimes thinking its infatuation or maybe love.. we sit and question why we feel this way. 

With soul connections there are no answers but mostly feelings.  We draw people to us by what we search for .. We draw others to our energy because they are of like mind and we sometimes need to learn the lessons that have the greatest impact on us.

Some of us deny ourselves.. we think mostly about others and their judgements on us and we never follow through with what we feel within.  We sometimes come across people connected to their lives but is in daily search of that which fulfills them.  What is the soul searching for really?  Is it love? Passion?  Understaning ?  The soul knows what it wants and needs always.   But we carry our world within.. We need not search .. everything is there. 

Guilt .. the emotion that rips us apart sometimes.  I see many people stay in marriages they are not happy with.. abusive relationships and many other reasons that have their energy depleting daily as fear stops them from being true to themselves.   We do have to respect ourselves as much as we do others.  We run from others because we fear losing.. we even fear loving.. we fear judgments but most of all that fear puts us in a cage. 

Ever heard the saying “the grass is never greener on the other side?” im sure you have.. is it really a matter of the grass being greener?  When we really sit and think about what we portray .. what we put out there that attracts things and people to us we would realize that its not really about the grass but in essense how much thought and focus goes into what we hide within that we search for.  Then when we search and find .. fear steps in ..fear about rejection.. fear that things wont last .. fear of being hurt all over again… we then send those vibrations out and attract the things we fear most.. When things don’t work out then we go back to the saying making it true .. but we never take into consideration that which we focus on that creates our lives. 

These connections come at critical points in our lives and once we can let go and see the lessons it is here to teach us the better we can understand and grow from it.. There are times that the pain within is excruciating as we try to tear ourselves away and hurt because of it.  Be true to who you are… its not really about anyone or anything else.. Stand up .. say YOUR truth and trust that these people are here to fulfill a purpose in your life as you are in theirs.


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