In God’s Timing

About 3 weeks ago my sister suffered a very bad stroke.. she is not able to talk or walk, and the patience that I needed to have to trust and believe, was at its end.  So many things was happening all at once, after all it was a traumatic year, having lost my mother in law to murder in February.  I questioned so many things as to why all this is taking place .. when is it going to end?.  I was still healing from the physical manifestation of my traumatic experience and now this is happening

To top things off .. the day my sister was being discharged from the hospital I was in the ward and I needed to get a bag from my car.  Walking towards my car I noticed two women and the security guard standing by my vehicle.. what happened was unbelieveable.. The woman reversed on my car … I stood there in amazement as I was awaiting the ambulance to come and I had not eaten or anything for the day .. My patience just ran out… all I wanted to do was cry.  When I looked closely though at the woman who hit my car she was shaking .. her mother was apologetic but she as well was just shaking.  Her mother said to me..”please forgive her .. we just got some bad news about her dad and we are here to see him”.  I saw tears in her eyes .. even though she was a bit irate at first .. her tears spoke a totally different language. 

I put my hand on her shoulders and said … “we will have this fixed but for now go see your father.. my sister is also at the hospital .. their health is what is important right now”.  She called me the next morning and accepted liability and started to talk to me about all that can be done for her dad, as it turns out her father and my sister both suffered a stroke. She did not have any idea about all the things she could have done to help him as the doctors was not giving any information.  I went to see her dad that Sunday and saw her at his bedside still with tears in her eyes.. I realized why she hit my car.. She was the caregiver for both her mom and dad.  She needed comfort … help.. compassion.. understanding .. the following days we kept in contact and we became friends.  Unfortunately her dad passed on but her voice was a lot stronger. 

Another situation happened with my sister in the past couple days, she pulled out the NG tube from her nose that fed her.  This was late one night and I did not leave the hospital till 3.30 am the following morning.  I just wanted the tube back in and I was being told that because she has complications the tube could not easily go back in.  The doctors tried and tried that morning and upon going to see her at lunch time – it was still unsuccessful.. I came home sat on my bed and cried – called out to the Supreme and I called in all my Angels and I asked to take this away.  I was on facebook talking to one of my friends about what happened and he said to me … “Trust in GODS timing”  this made all the difference to me. 

I let it go .. when visiting at 4.00 that day ..upon walking up the stairs I saw feathers on the staircase.. I knew in my heart something good was happening.. upon seeing my sister – the tube was back in and I could have taken her home.  

We often lose patience.. we often question why things happen.. especially the bad things.. we often lose faith in everyone and everything when we are at our end… but in that very moment when you feel you are going to give up … something magical happens… someone .. something … a song with a message … feathers on the staircase… all these signs… then magically your strength returns .. u begin to believe again.  This my friends is the power of Trusting … not only in your ability to ride through the storm but in your faith to believe in his timing.  We are never alone … Trust in the Magic


4 thoughts on “In God’s Timing

  1. I read something just the other day ‘god gives us only what we can handle because he knows we are strong.’ Well You are strong my friend and yes you are surrounded by angels and blessed by the Divine. I am grateful to know you, and honored to call you my friend.
    Much Love Goddess

  2. Mamad you are so right … We are strong beyond belief and with the passing of each day we are gaining more and more strength.. thank you for being part of that strength for me and so many others around you 🙂

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