Why are we here ?? Why did we choose to be here ?  So many theories .. so many paths.. but some fight on which one is correct.   Something that has plagued this life for centuries.  And till now the fanatics try to find a way to pollute our being by their perception of life.

The world is a product of our thoughts and actions.. as Michael Jackson rightly put it across in music.. Man in the Mirror.. it starts with us.  So many things we enjoy in this life .. Music for one .. written by beautiful souls and sung in a way that plays with your soul.. We enjoy this .. we don’t think about who wrote it .. what religion they follow but we see the beauty in all and allow it as part of our world.

Why cant we do the same for all other things ?  This blessed month of Ramadan is upon us and when this month arrives I cannot help but think more of my dad.  He followed Hinduism and me Islam.  However in his humbleness he will sit with us .. he didn’t have a topie (headwear) so he will put a kerchief on his head as a sign of respect .. to share with us.  To feel the beauty we all felt in this month. 

If I were to ask my dad now .. why couldn’t you have been a muslim like us .. I know what his answer would be.. His answer would be … If I was muslim you would not have learnt the lesson of togetherness regardless of religion.  I know this would be the answer because I asked this a long time ago.. but today I have the answer.

This life is plagued with so many diseases .. so many reasons why we should not do something but we don’t see the one reason why we should.  Unconditional love for all beings.  Stepping out of the comfort zone we all find ourselves in is a tough task .. it takes strength to fight against the learnt gurus of the world who breaks you down with knowledge .  But what is within can never lie.. what you feel inside is what your path is .. we can sit and listen to all the music we want but what resonates with you will always have an emotional effect on your soul.. You will FEEL it .

In this blessed month of Ramadan .. I extend my heart .. a humble extention of all that I am to the all that you are … We are ONE.  To my father who have succeeded in the lesson he taught me in this union of souls I sincerely mean it when I say that … You are my Angel .. Your humbleness have shown me the way to live with my beautiful friends and family and for this I am grateful.

I ask that each one of you reading this to find the peacefulness of this message and hope as the man in the mirror,  we start with the same humbleness to all the beings we are in connection with . 


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