Transcending Fear

Ever heard the saying – “all you need to fear is fear itself?”  I looked at a movie recently and one of the most prominent lines were “Danger is real, but Fear is a choice”.    We even fear things that have not happened yet or may never happen.  We focus our thoughts more on our fears than anything else.  We constantly hold all these fears in the different organs of our body and as we go through life we keep those fears most prominent, living everday with that being the focus. 

Ever had someone tell you that you are looking really stressed and drained… for me that’s another word for looking “old”.   When we bring our fears to the forefront of our lives and we are constantly worrying, we help the wrinkles to form, we help the youthful look to leave our bodies.. we stop giving our temple called the body the nutrients it needs to bring us to the light that we truly are.

We all have fears – it can be from being afraid of an animal or even goes way deeper of not being accepted by society, friends etc.  As we live with these fears day to day it brings about and attracts that which we fear.  When we let go of all these fears then it transforms our body and our mind to that which we ARE,  to what we our true blueprint is.

My teacher told me in my last class a technique to help in releasing fears and I wanted to share it with all of you J.  Its quick and very simple.

Picture yourself standing in front of you

Take the fear from inside of yourself and put it in the clone of yourself

When you have done this – walk yourself outside in the sunlight and watch your clone disappear


Please remember to always ground yourself and do your breathing before and after any healing.

 Do this for each one of your fears – it will take some time but as you release and let go,  it will definitely leave you feeling lighter as the days go by. 

 We have been for too long walking around carrying the baggage that have hurt us for many years.  Remember your childhood?  That innocent child that walked around without a care in the world.  The child that played, danced, sang and many other things that we find so hard to do now.  The fears keep us from living.  Its time we transcend these fears , its time NOW to reclaim all that we ARE. 

 We have the power within to transcend all we need to – take charge of your life, take charge of your creative power, take charge of the ability you KNOW you have and watch every cell in your body work together with you to achieve this.  Your body is MIRACULOUS – allow the miracles to transform you. 


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