Time to Heal

Life sometimes need to bring us to our knees in order to break through all that have been stored within for a long long time. 

I didn’t realize till lately how much damage we can give to our bodies after burying things inside and not dealing with it.  I didn’t realize that even though something is out of our mind, does not mean its not still lingering somewhere in our subconscious just waiting to be released.  I surely didn’t realize how remarkable our bodies really are,  it does all it needs to for as long as it can, to protect us from all that needs protecting.

Healing crisis are necessary for us to really heal… covering up the symptoms only bring us to something even worse in years to come.  I am a firm believer in mind, body and soul.  As I explore I see more and more articles that relate to the mind and illness of the body.  We are coming closer and closer to making that link that would help us to release all that we need to so that we can really cure ourselves.

Relaxation helps us heal – laughter is the best medicine.  I sometimes see and feel the fear in others that have been told about a serious illness that they are facing.  Fear in itself is the recipe for disaster when facing these issues.  Even though our doctors want what is best for us I truly believe some lack diplomacy in how they relay news to the patients.  Fear is one of the most life threatening emotion that we carry within ourselves.  This attacks our nervous system and our immune system starts shutting down. 

Our bodies can heal … given the right nutrients .. rest … support … and unconditional love there is no doubt that we are able to release all that we need to so that we can further bring total healing to ourselves.  I was on 3 courses  of antibiotics in 6 weeks  which reaped havoc on my tissues and reversing this is going to take a long time.  Miraculously in searching and asking for guidance I was led to the things that have helped me tremendously.   Yes I go through healing crisis at different times but when I look back to where I was, to where I am now, I feel intense gratitude.

Isnt it amazing how these experiences can bring you closer to your higher self.. preserving the purity within and most of all following and feeling all that your body is telling you?   When you find yourself in a position where your health is giving you a challenge and you try to figure out why this is happening, think back to all the years that you have held things in.. you have stored that anger, hate, jealousy and most of all fears .  Know that its time to heal from all and its time to release so that you can return to the state we are all meant to be … the state of pure love. 

Be gentle with yourself and have that intimate relationship with who you are, when you do this our bodies will miraculously project that state. 


2 thoughts on “Time to Heal

  1. We have the ability to heal, but it is up to the willingness of the self to do so. We need patience and openness to the vast ocean of life to learn and grow into Syncrosensational living. Thank you Sis… ❤

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