Focus (A story for the heart)

I got a call yesterday and while I had a busy schedule, it’s a call you need to take ..On the other end was my mom … What you doing ? she asked … Working as usual was my answer.   That old familiar voice .. you know the kind that you know something is wrong?   She said next .. ok I just call to find out how you doing.. I said “no you didn’t .. whats wrong.  By now I think everyone knows when you ask whats wrong it’s the permission you give to allow the other person to let everything out. 

What transpired next made my heart weak … She said.. “nothing wrong .. and with the crackling of her voice trying to keep in the tears .. she said.. I was just packing up the curtains that I had from a long time ago.  At this point I thought something happened at home to make her upset.. Again my question .. whats wrong… then she broke … Her words were.. Packing up the curtains I remember what I could have done long ago .. I could have sewn .. I made beautiful curtains for my home .. now I cant and this have me a bit depressed she said.  

I said … why cant you ?  to this she had no words.  There really are a million reasons why one cannot do something but a few reasons why they can.  The sacrifices of a mother for her children stem from unconditional love that allowed her heart to be so beautiful but yet so fragile. 

In researching medicine after my little challenge in February I realize that sometimes or most times our belief system are so grounded within us that we see nothing else.   Its sometimes a matter of always seeing the glass half empty than seeing it half full.   When we reach an age that we think death is upon us we become cocooned in a way that we block the world out.  But the world is inside of us.   We create it. 

Every doctor or naturalist claim to give you something to get rid of the “cause” of the problem.  These beautiful souls have their place in this world .. we do need them however I truly believe that the “cause” or every illness starts with the pscyche .  If we can find a way to go within and truly “let go” of the issues hampering our life force and we can truly help others  to release .. then our need for western medicine will become less. 

My mom with her truly blessed heart will get into the depressions as we all do.  Her time of reflection caused her to magnify the things she no longer can do and this made her sad.  Later that night I called and asked “so what you doing?”  She said “oh I just grilled one of the fish burgers”  I made a sandwich..  my answer was “Wow .. you can still do that ?  She laughed.. “yes I can”.   Isnt that beautiful ?  You can walk, you can still talk, make lunch, go out, wash, hold your grandchildren, play with them and the list goes on and on… “she was in higher spirits now” .  It was just a matter of shifting the focus.

We have beauty all around us … all the time… every minute of the day .. only if we choose to see it. Trust me its very difficult at times when everything around you seems to be going in a manner where you wonder if you will make it through another day.. but if we can shift our focus just a bit in these times we would realize the magnitude of things to be grateful for 🙂



4 thoughts on “Focus (A story for the heart)

  1. Rasheeda..this is so inspiring indeed…Never looked at sickness in this way..Its all in d mind…Think positive…Have positive viberations..No negative thoughts..especially in Health issues…You are truly a great inspiration to me and i guess to all others who are priveledged to get into your world of thoughts and vibrations….Sickness in all in your mind..most of it anyways…I pray that Almighty God continues to give you the depth of your knowledge and thoughts…May you be forever blessed…

    • Thanks so much Krishna .. we all have challenges in our lives and health .. but I do think we are getting a lot closer to our core and we are able to conquer most 🙂 be safe always my friend 🙂

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