I was fortunate a couple of days ago to talk with a beautiful soul and she reminded me of something that we all have within us.. the word is “beauty”, but its meaning travels to depths that sometimes we ourselves cant reach.  We only see as far as our perceptions.

We sometimes put barriers on what beauty is .. the trees, the flowers, a beautiful woman passing by that you just cant ignore, a handsome man that you just cant get out of your mind,  a baby smile, animals and the list can go on and on .. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but is it ?  whether we choose to see it or not beauty is still all around. 

There are no limitations to beauty and it lies in every single one of us.. when we walk with nature and we inhale the beauty of all that IS.. it remains within us so when we are in the presense of our loved ones, friends, colleagues etc we radiate that beauty, but first we have to acknowledge the beauty that lies in each other and even in the things that we think is not beautiful.

When we are in the presense of others and we radiate,  the healing that takes place is more than you can imagine. The energy you give off is so intense that just being around you can help others. The touch of a warm hand,  the power of that smile when someone elses day was falling apart … you never know how or when your beautiful inner self can change the life of someone else.

This beautiful soul told me  and I quote “I do not have to be the next fashion designer from Milan or even a master artist but by just being an appreciator of beauty or sharing beauty is important as many people hold beauty as a portal for healing”.  When I think about this the more it becomes clear.  I often see the hospitals where people lie on beds  awaiting medication to heal but around them the walls are painted grey .. the floors are not clean.. the nurses aren’t compassionate enough to help others genuinely.

We heal when there is beauty around us.. how can we not?  How can we not breathe in the energies of purity when we see it and feel it? Beauty is a virtue that we hold within our spirit.  Mother nature is one of the producers of beauty she said with its beautiful colours, textures, smells .. everything.  This beauty affects all of our senses and everyday we are in the presence of all that IS and the energy it carries. 

We all have this pull towards beauty more than anything else, but we sometimes neglect the beauty that lies within.  We sometimes take the power that we have within for granted .  we don’t think about it .. We fill ourselves with worry, anger, hate and we miss the opportunities that lie around us just by admiring the flowers or taking our shoes off and walking on the grass.  We can be a reservoir of beauty and share with  each other and in turn send  the most purifying energies that we can come into contact with out into the universe.  Now isn’t that beautiful J

So when next you adore mother earth and u see that beautiful majestic water fall … inhale as deeply you as you can and fill yourself with the purity of all that IS so when you are in the presense of others you too can radiate all that is pure. 


4 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. It truly is in the eye of the beholder. More meaningful is when we identify the beauty within. In doing so it naturally radiates without.
    Working in a hospital for most of my life, I have identified the beauty we have to heal. We could have the most luxurious hospital, but without beautiful souls as caregivers the hospital remains sterile. Filling the halls with beauty through and through…healing is natural to take place.

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