Hmmm  the word that always seem to stir something inside.. Im almost certain each one of us have stories where they felt betrayed by someone.. a friend… a colleague… a family member… your best friend… your spouse and the list goes on.  Loyalty is something that people look for in almost every relationship they have, and when the sadness of being betrayed comes our entire world falls apart. 

If I had to look back on my life and really count the people that stood up for me when I needed it most I can count those people on one hand.  One of them is my mother.. and as all parents she went beyond the call of duty to stand up  for me.. The second person is quite interesting.. that person is my daughter but the story I remember when she stood up for me had no words … it was just her actions.

You see she was just about 5 years old at the time and she walked in on a heated discussion my brother and I was having at the time.  When she walked in she stood there .. looked at the both of us and then came and stood in front of me .. as if she was protecting me from him.. I looked at her and she then turned to me and hugged me .. what was most amazing is that while hugging me she gave my brother one of the most meanest stares … as if to say “Leave my mom alone”.  That look never left my heart.

She didn’t know the circumstance.. she didn’t know who was right or wrong.. she couldn’t understand what was taking place but all she knew is that she didn’t want anyone to hurt me .. didn’t matter if I was doing something wrong.  We sometimes come across valuable people in our lives who will do this for us .. they may not agree with how you may do things .. or may have a different opinion but based on the unconditional love they have for you they stand up with you… If we really look at it is it really a matter of standing up for you ?  or is it better to say “standing up with you.” 

We all need people at our sides sometimes especially in the times where we make not so good decisions.. this is why friends, spouses and all these people are in our lives.. to shine a light on the darkness we may find ourselves in sometimes.  To take your hand and walk with you without judgement and helping you back on your feet regardless of the circumstance.  Unfortunately or fortunately depends on how your perception, it doesn’t always turn out that way.  Sometimes in others need to be right they don’t see that all it takes sometimes to help you on your way is a little bit of compassion and understanding.

When you are faced with this and you sometimes seek the loyalty in others that don’t always be there remember one thing… “the only thing or person that can be loyal to you – is YOU.  You have the strength, the wisdom and the inner voice that will always guide, protect and help you on your path.  There would always be people on our path .. the souls that are connected to us but never allow yourself to depend so much on the loyalty of others that you forget the loyalty you have within. 

When you close your eyes and you call on your army of love .. you will find the Supreme, the Angels, the guides and the loved ones that have been with you every step of the way.. aren’t we lucky?  We sometimes try to find that loyalty in others when our army of love are always around.. who can want more loyalty than this ?  They are not concerned with circumstance or right or wrong … all they are concerned with is when you call … that unconditional love and light will be filling your life.  So next time you think of loyalty … close your eyes… and you will feel inside how much you are truly loved, blessed and protected 🙂


2 thoughts on “Loyalty

  1. Rasheeda.u never cease to amaze me..Your strength and courage to write your thoughts based on reality is very touching…I have learned a lot about u and your impeccable personality within u….Your daughter stance is so sweet and it underlines the fact that un-conditional love still exists today..regardless of where it comes from…I personally have become richer in my thoughts and life as a whole after reading your reflections on *LOYALTY*..I really do appreciate your true life experience and your strength to write on .*.LOYALTY*.
    i am much richer in my thoughts having read your experience..
    Hoping that i can meet the author of that writing on *LOYALTY*…very soon…
    You are a very special friend to me…Of all the persons that i have met in my lifetime..U stands as a beacon of strength..hope and have shown to me that true love is nothing compared to un -conditional love…
    My heart is empty…it has no feelings…have been hurt so many times in life that i hate the word *love*..as they say ..love hurts…but i am rejunevated that there is hope and money is no cause for happiness
    LOYALTY..and SELFLESS..UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is what we all need in our lives in order to d successful
    By d way…u are very beautiful as well.

  2. Thank you so much Krishna for your lovely comment and kind words. Its really nice when others can read things and open their heart and mind to the wisdom that comes… we have it all over .. if we just listen .. Thanks dear one for such kindness 🙂

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