Finding the Way

Living in a shell that we have created
Bondaged by the fears within
Seeking the freedom from all this torture
Where we find a new beginning

This worldly life chains us
From being free to be who we truly are
As the criminals snatch our lives
Bound by the memories and scars

Our shell is based on our fears
Our life is based on our thoughts
Our journey is forever changing
Our path is there for us to soar

The journey lies within
Like a pathway filled with snow
As we make our way through
Every step will show

So let go of this insanity
And take the steps that flow
Into the beauty that we are meant to be
As we learn ,live and grow

Grasp the lessons that death teaches
And don’t remain without a care
We are meant to live the beauty we are
And the wisdom we have to share

In the struggles we lose our way
Like a thief in the night
Where the understanding we try to find
And no light left in sight

But worry not for this life
As its just an experience
That brings us to who we truly are
Forever in existence


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