I met someone today and in talking with him just for a short time he managed to bring tears to my eyes.  You meet people daily but some never really realise the impact they have on your life just by words they say or stories they tell.  I have people in my life that even though they may not want to continue a friendship, their words and help impacted on my life and my heart will always be in gratitude for it. 

His story was simple but filled of different views that anyway way we choose to look at it will always leave us feeling filled with compassion .. his story went like this….

We were chatting about children and suicide and he mentioned once he even tried it himself as he could not handle the pain that came with many issues he was dealing with.  I asked and now ?? what changed?  What i felt talking with him was that he was filled of light and compassion  … his answer was yes… “I dont want to end my life anymore as all i want to do is help others , i want to work with children especially.” 

He mentioned with his job he had to go on many seminars in different countries.   At one of his seminars he noticed a little girl just around six years old, very weak, could barely walk properly.  He knew by the looks of things that she did not eat for days or even maybe weeks.  His lunch was just a sandwich, it wasnt much he had so he took it with him over to her.  He handed her the sandwich but what transpired after brought tears to his eyes, he said “When the girl took this sandwich after saying thank you, she broke the sandwich in half, why ? …..  to feed her dog.  Her dog use to bring her food maybe from the street  at times she said and now that she have something to eat, she had to share it with her dog.  Some call it compassion, some call it love, some even call it divinity.  These acts of love are the kind that without a doubt teach us something in everyday life.

We sometimes see the acts of kindness, compassion and love being carried out right in front of us yet still we dont see the lessons in every single act.  The teaching of unconditional love that we dont make a habit to all beings.  We have no idea why these people walk in front of us or even why they play this role in life but when we take that we have an opportunity with them then we can feel that compassion for all of Gods creation. 

We are all part of that whole and with the passing of each day lies the wisdom thats hidden in these special blessings that we sometimes overlook.  Just like my friend felt that compassion for a child, he also got the lesson that changed his life forever.  He grasp that not to long ago he wanted to end his life but by one single act of love showed him how much he had to live for.  He now feel his purpose and with strength and determination he will make a difference. 

So when next you see a child and her dog maybe you will remember this story … I know I will and it will help me to remember that compassion for all  stems from the light we carry inside and how we allow that light to shine. 

My friend also writes music and he shared with me a song that he wrote and sang …when i heard the piano playing at the beginning  it made my pores raise .. he says in his song .. “there is a better place than this … emptiness……  Those of you who feel empty and alone … u are never alone and there certainly is a better place once we can bring ourselves to it … by allowing our inner strength, our compassion, our divinity to flow and by allowing ourselves to be free to feel, love, learn and grow.  Shine that light within and touch the lives that come in your path. 







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