Union of Souls

My dad followed the Hindu faith…. my mom – the muslim faith.  This has and will continue to be one of the topics of discussion all over the globe as people fight to prove a point of what is right from wrong.  Over the years growing up I saw many things … things that made me question what is really right from wrong… like when you make decisions — who are you doing it for?  To please the community ? to please your parents?  to please who exactly??  Over decades getting married to someone of the same faith takes presidence over someone who is of good character.  The person can have the best of intentions and the unconditional love for another but that holds nothing because what is important is that they marry of same faith. 

I saw my mom being judged from time to time by her own family at times as to why she would marry someone of different faith — it was put across as she made a mistake.  I looked at this and inside i wanted to burst as when i look at my father … the life they had was one of joy.. Yes there were many problems that would arise in marriage but if I had to put it in a nutshell they walked through life being there and helping each other grow.  My father was a good man … his only downfall according to “people” is that he was of a different faith and that made him someone that was not accepted. 

The emotion of love was questioned as we now live our lives with the same concept .. the concept of “doing the right thing”  — but doing the right thing according to who ?? We as parents sometimes put our childrens happiness second and put “how things will look first”… the ego peeps its ugly head yet again.  Put the ego to bed one of my friends would always say. 

The concept of what is right or wrong is the belief system we were given from birth.  Is it your truth?  When the questions arise do we even ask ourselves is this really what it is.  I was told earlier in my life you cant even question — that too is a sin.  In growing and learning — my mother was never wrong — she didnt make a “mistake” as everyone saw it to be — she followed her heart … she experienced her choices and her love and she created her love story.  She married one of the best looking men on this planet … my father, and I am proud to know the man he was and still is. 

My father respected my moms faith — he sat with us at Eid time — gave us money for the beggars and shared with us when he needed to.  As I look back now and I listen to my mom talk about him — she would say “daddy always shared with us and was with us when we had our gatherings”.  I smile when i look back now as I realise that my father was the essence of love itself. 

Her soul met his soul and they created magic like what most souls do when the energies give off the beauty that it does.  We are told many times to stop things before they happen but everything is in Divine Order.  The people that enter .. the people that leave and the people that stay … they all play a part in this journey or life and love. 

Break the barriers down and the concepts we allow others to feed us …. create your life … respect others for who and what they are as you would like them to do for you and co exist in harmony and love.  Religion gives us a basis to follow of all that is needed to be great beings  … if we look at all the teachings– they all tell us  to love, respect and to help each other. 

We have  our own consequences for decisions we make in life .. we may not make all the good decisions, but in all, there are the lessons that take us just a step higher in understanding and wisdom.  I cannot say what will happen .. all i know is  that when I think of God I feel that great love inside my heart and soul and I feel that his love for all of us is indescribable and beyond our own comprehension.. We are ALL one — and as I connect with him on my knees — whether i am driving and talking to him or whether im in a meditative state — the bliss I feel with all the blessings he have showered upon me and my family —- my gratitude is endless. 

So the lesson that reach out to me now as I look back on the union of my mom and dad was one of great importance.  The heart of another soul is just as important and fragile as your own.  The co existing of two faiths under one roof showed me that above all else love existed.  It showed me that when I look at others that one of the most important things I see in them is their love for all, above all else.  Their kindness to all beings.. the gift of their soul that existed in my life and the beauty they carried.  What else is there??


4 thoughts on “Union of Souls

  1. This is a beautiful love story of two lives brought together and despite the barriers, stood the test of time through their love for each other.

    This story is very dear to my heart because its my life. You see, I was born a Christian as you know and I married a Muslim. After sometime I was converted into Islam. As years passed, I learned more about the Faith. I tried to attend the Friday prayers as much as I can and participate in the Mosque’s activities. This I did was not to please myself, my husband nor his family. My husband never forced me into the religion. He never threatened me.

    One day, a few days after we were married, I began to observe his discipline at having to pray five times a day. Before he prayed, he cleaned himself according to the teachings in the Holy Quran. I loved it. So, I read books, had discussions with my husband and friends on Islam and once I believed and truly loved the Islamic Faith; I converted. My husband was very happy. However, there was one thing I did not say. His family never truly accepted me because of my Christian background. No matter how hard I tried, I felt isolated. This did not change when I converted. Although they have grown to love me, I always felt that I was not a part. Even so, my parents also had a hard time accepting my husband because of his religion. Those feelings still exists today.

    We are now married for fifteen years. We have two healthy boys who are Muslims and we continue to pray and are both strong in our Faith.

    Although I have carried the pain of isolation and the tugging and pulling between both families who think and believe their religion is right, we are happy because we love each other and our children and we both continue to excel in our careers and life.

    My parents are saying that we should baptize our children etc… but what is most fundamental to us is that, we are teaching our children that there is a God, there are the ten commandments, honesty, caring, love, kindness etc. Those are the values we want to expose our children to, not the fighting and bickering.

    The honour which lies within us is doing what is right and how we feel. Yes, our parents are our guidance and we love them dearly, however in order to in still that honour has to start with us and change the culture we live in. This will only prove beneficial if we let our children live their lives the way they want it to when they are adults and its only then we will bear the happiness of a next generation.

    The story of your parents have given me hope. They have raised four beautiful children including you Rasheeda and the love you generate for your friends and family is truly the product of two people who had Union of Souls.

  2. Wow Natasha “thank you my friend”. In the cultures we live in today, we are set in our ways because the ego takes it all when it comes to trying to show others unconditional love. Your story is just as beautiful and your husband showed that humble approach to respecting and giving you the time needed to meet with him and to encourage you to walk with him hand in hand. The humility he showed made that difference — force would have never done that. So again the greatest power on earth is that emotion of unconditional love. If we can extend that love to all the beings on this planet – what a world it would be. My father had the same essense of love — he did not convert to Islam but he walked with that greatness and loved all he came into contact with giving them all that he can from his heart … thanks for your story angel — keep that faith and know that in all of our life together — I saw Natasha first — the person she is .. the person she have become — and what a beautiful butterfly she is — love you

  3. Going beyond the barriers of man, we arise at the level of divine order of things. This is a beautiful example of Two Believers going beyond the barriers of man and connecting with the great I Am. While we are all connected, whether people believe it or not, it is through Love that we truly connect at the divine level of existence. Whatever the tradition, those who connect at this level…they are the true Believers. Thank you For this beautiful piece…Much Agape…Joseph

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