A Song

As the long drive takes me through the coconut trees, wind freshly passing through my hair and the painting of the ocean in the distance an old familiar song starts to play.  The song that takes me back to that day.  The day when something magical happened.  For some listening to their wedding song makes them more depressed as it heralds the memories of a happy time followed by the years that changed so drastically.  For me I smile and I thank God that I can.  The years have been kind and as each day goes by there is not much I can ask for …

Things was not always this magical as I recall the years that I wished I was not on this plane.  The struggles, the pain , the resentment of my choices and most of all the regrets that sunk deep inside.  Somehow now I see things so differently as I am able to look back and see all those choices and all those decisions as if it was in perfect order..  Imperfectly Perfect. 

They say sometimes, watch the video you play in your mind, its what creates your life….. no one have the pemission to defne who you are … and most of all … dont look for something external of yourself to define your happiness.  Be happy with you..  feel happy with you …. be passionate about who you are and you will see how the world around you changes. 

I feared reactions of others… I allowed others to define who I am and I even allowed people to dictate what I should and should not do with my own life.. Who I can have as friends and who I can and cannot talk with.  When you allow this your mind grows limp and discouraged and your soul energy is dulled .. you no longer play the video of your life — you lose your own voice by singing someone elses song. 

How do we watch our own movie?  By creating our own video to play in our mind … by defining who we are and not fearing the reactions of others.  When we can sing our own song … when we can smile at that old wedding song .. then we can reside in that happy place.

We hold on to memories at times that does not serve our highest good and we try to find a balance in the chaos of our lives.  We most times bring the chaos on ourselves by the quality of our thoughts.  What we chose to dwell on and how much time and energy it takes us to do this brings us to that chaos. 

Our past is not there to haunt us or make us full of regrets that we cant see the beauty in anything that is right in front of us.  I chose to talk about a wedding song as its just one of the things that makes us remember our past — decisions we have made.  But in life there are so many songs that sing to our soul … memories that haunt us and most of all regrets that bind us.  Let it all go …smile when you hear that song….. good times or the not so good times are all helps instead of hindrances  …. There are many songs that play that take us back to someone — a time in our life — a place to remember.  Find the beauty in that soul when you hear it, remember what made u smile – find the beauty in it all and you will see that just as the song plays – so does your heart.

Love your songs …. write your music …..






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