The year 2012 is coming to a close quite quickly and in the minds of millions lies the unanswered questions “How come the world did not end?” etc etc.  When I look at all the documentaries … all the theories as to what is happening within the world  … peoples perceptions of what the “truth” is,  all kinds of confusion takes place in our minds.

Is it really about who is right and who is wrong?  What really matters is that we listen to the message.   We listen to all the messages being sent our way and form our own path with it.  We may not make all the right choices but everything unfolds perfectly. There is divinity in it all.

2012 held a lot of significance for a lot of us .. a new consciousness they call it and most of all the ascension to a higher understanding of Divine love for all of Mankind.  We are all connected … no separation .. we are mirrors that holds all the answers to the people that are around us.

There are so many families out there that have a lot of bickering, fighting, quarrels, jealousy, hate etc.  We allow people in our space that create this kind of conflict because we dont want to hurt their feelings by telling them the truth. Stand up for what you know to be right .. by not allowing gossip… hatred … jealousy to fill the spaces of your home or enviroment.   Dont allow others to create this for you as you have the right to change it.  Its for your higher good.

This year was a year of shedding .. getting rid of all the things we hold on to that no longer serves us and a time to step into our own light and shine for the world to see.  It is not easy for some of us with the physcial challenges we face but we all will find our way and we will be affected by the greatness of what this world really is .. the power that we all hold within.

May this year remain as the starting point to a new consciousness.. a new light and take from it the messages that it so sacredly hold for each one of us.  May 2013 bring to us all the love that have no walls or boundaries and may we all transcend all the negativity that lies within us and around us so that we may hold each others hands in peace and love …..

Happy New Year my beautiful Angels 🙂


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