Putting trust beyond … in the unseen realms …. in the partner that lies next to you at night …. in the best friend that vow to keep all your secrets .. in the souls that take you from birth and teach you everything they know.. in the unspoken word ….. in the angels guidance…in the innocence of a babies smile and in everything that needs you to just close your eyes and just believe ….

We  throw caution to the wind almost everytime and end up putting that faith in the things that are dear to us .. in the ones that make those footprints with us and most of all the beauty of divine unfolding.  That trust comes because there is a part of us that believes … the part of us that say “I know… i feel it “.  Sometimes when things don’t go the way we expect it to and we sometimes lose the faith because we trusted to easily and too quickly we realise not long after that everything is in its divine order because something better came of it .. these issues helped you to grow and not long after  you find yourself putting that trust all over again.

Some hold on to experiences that ripped their inside apart and trust is not something that will ever come easy — but in the long run not having it damages everything beautiful around us — how can we move on believing and trusting when so much hurt walks with us day after day?  Only by believing in Divine Unfolding … believing and trusting the one that never ever let you down once you put that faith….. once you can close your eyes and feel deep inside the beauty of your core….. when you can picture yourself being held in the hands of divinity…. when you believe that you are protected always.

Look within … do you really not trust?  when you can hear the sound of your own breadth …. do we not trust ?  Throw caution to the wind — grasp the only thing you can from each and everyone that comes into your life is here for — the lessons … trust that … and take each and every soul for what they are ….. a blessing.  When we trust the divinity within we soon see everyone as just that.   Even the negative ones that enter is here for something … maybe its to help us to take action or  maybe to help us get rid of something from within us so we can move on to a better place.

Trust … the word that most are scared of ..some imprison themselves because of it …  we have to put trust  in the hands of doctors, friends, family even the pilot that takes off with our lives depending on his skills but i know whenever we do put our trust and we close our eyes .. all we see really is the Divine.  Now isn’t that beautiful ?


11 thoughts on “TRUST

    • We all have this to deal with — mostly everyday in the battle with ourselves of what and who we can trust but when we let go and trust diving unfolding then it becomes easier to live each day a bit easier — thanks angel ❤

  1. Thank you Rasheeda. All so very true. Once we realize that all is in divine order, we will learn to trust with no expectations…and that is where miracles happen. Love you and your voice kitten.

  2. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did yoou create this website yourself or did you hire someone
    to do it for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to create my
    own blog and would like to know where u got this from.
    many thanks

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