A Personal “Gift”

I could have called this post a personal story but I chose to call it a personal “gift” because to me everything that we experience in life is truly a gift we just sometimes dont see it that way.   I have learnt when we change our perceptions then our view of life changes with it.

Four years ago I saw a family on television … the father of this family committed suicide and left with the mother was  5 children to take care of.   This family was shown on television because of where they lived.  They lived in what we call a “shed” with no water, no electricity.  The mother had a job but not enough to take care of these five kids and could not emotionally stand up to the the loss that just happened.  So the media reached out and was asking for assistance for this family.

Its now four years later and meeting this family was one of my gifts.  One of the children in this family now lives with me.  Her emotional state needed to be balanced and her views on life continued where the father left off…. trying to find a way out.  In this child lies the deep routed issues that millions of others face on a daily basis not knowing where to turn to.  Some try councelling, some try to find the people that will just give them the attention they need. 

Having a sense of purpose in life is one of the most important things.  This child said to me one day “I have been to councellors but nothing is helping me… I just dont know what to do”. She didnt allow herself to open up to anyone that could have helped her so she closed off the world.  She did not know what her passion was, she didnt even know what she liked to do.  She didnt have a place that she could have called “home”.  This family is now out of the state of living they were in four years ago and now the mother is a proud owner of her own house.   How did they do it ?  Determination ……

Even though they are out of the state they were in … their emotional state is still an ongoing battle.  This child now have a job and as everyday go by I watch her grow.  Her growth is challenging me at times but as I watch I see in her the passions within surfacing.  She found something she liked to do .. she found passion in little things like cooking,  her job where she found a sense of belonging with all her co workers and found within herself a sense of contentment.

The underlying issues are still there but daily as each day go by and things happen we have the opportunity to deal with them one by one.  Each challenging situation to me is a gift .. a blessing in disguise where we get the chance to just bring the fears up and let them go.  The gift of finding yourself is never an easy road but there are always hands holding yours, walking with you on this path.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to recognize that the hands are outstretched to help you. 

Four years later there are no new marks on her hand that showed the deep routed scars of discontentment and depression.  Four years later there are no worries of how they are going to make it in life and how they are going to live.  Four years later even though she battles as to the “whys” in life little by little she is emerging from the depths of her darkness and as she allows that light in, I have no doubt that she too will see this as her personal “gift”.  The gift that out of the darkness she turned out to be a soul with a beautiful story to share. 


6 thoughts on “A Personal “Gift”

  1. Very thought provoking and inspirational my dear Rasheeda. Most people in the world are no longer their brothers keeper…Sad but true.. God Bless your Heart and Soul

  2. That’s Beautiful sweetie!!! I think we all know this experience to some extent. I know I have been real down and hard in life and it is difficult coming out of the mental and spiritual and emotional turmoil it causes sometimes. We need to have faith in our Higher Power and the ones He put in our lives to guide and help us. Thats hard sometimes though. I have my up days and my down days and still struggle with slowing down in my head sometimes. Thank you for writing that. I needed to read it!! You are such a beautiful soul and person!! I would be an extreme honor and privilage to meet you one day!! Love you sis!! 🙂

  3. Oh Jamie .. we all have that battle within in different ways and always always have that hand reaching out to us — it is tough i know but i think you have come a very long way honey and what i see in you now is a light that shines for everyone to see.. keep strong and keep merging with that higher power — hope to meet you soon also honey 🙂

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