Jealousy … yes the word we all know very very well. The emotion that destroys most if not all of the happiness in our relationships.  The vibration that always brings down your very being and keeps you starting over and then we wonder why we cant get anywhere.. We wonder why we are the victims and why everyone is doing things to hurt us.

When we break down the jealousy we feel .. where does it come from ? Where do we store it and what sort of reactions we give off when we allow it to consume us? We get jealous for all kinds of things and we feel justified within ourselves for feeling this way. The core of this emotion is the need to “control”. Control people, control their minds so that YOU are the most important thing and only YOU should be adored, respected, loved etc.

When we try to control other peoples minds all we do is push them farther away from us. The said thing you want most in your life, the person you never want to lose ends up further away from you because of these vibrations you give off that just destroys everything you have built. One of my friends said to me once … “Jealousy blinds the heart” and for me this is true. We no longer see the beauty in ALL. When we cant see the beauty in everyone and all that IS then ugliness appears in all things.

Are we so insecure within ourselves that we will allow jealousy to consume us? Tarnishing everything we touch? everything we claim to hold dear to us? We have all have this emotion within us and sometimes it peaks its ugly head to bring our vibrations down to a level where we really dont want to be. We look at everyone and justify to ourselves that we have the right to feel this, we have the right to be angry and maybe we do but when the reactions to control others are dearer to us than understanding the actions of why people do what they do that is when our problem begins.

We cannot control what others do and should not try to .. when we do this we only build our own cage .. we build the walls that protect our fearful self from loving the way we were created to love. There is a difference in speaking your truth when you are not respected by the people in your relationships and getting jealous for every little thing. Know the difference in the two and speak your truth when you need to. If you can sit with yourself and know that the latter is what you do then have the courage to get rid of this vibration and set yourself free from the chains that bind you to this. 

I also read today .. “Dont let comparison steal your joy”..  we sometimes compare ourselves to others that bring about the jealousy within and from then on we are unhappy with ourselves because we feel we are not good enough – we dont measure up.  When we shine that light from within .. is anything comparable?  When we transcend the boundaries put on us and allow ourselves to shed these vibrations that only stop us from BEing then what is left?? What is left is the beautiful creative being of light that we ALL are. 


4 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. Its true that when we compare ourselves to others and see what they have, we are blinded by jealousy and this causes relentless pain which invokes negativity. All we have to do is keep focus on our little goals and slowly but surely we will achieve all of them as time goes by.

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