One of the quotes I came across recently says… “When seeking revenge ……. dig two graves”. The passion that we feel inside sometimes to hurt others just as much or even more than they hurt us is like a burning desire that never gives up. Why is the need to satisfy our ego and prove that we are right more important than being at peace within ourselves?

I hear so many stories on a daily basis of what others are going to be do to hurt the people that hurt them and the thoughts of hate that they keep inside. We sometimes go out there with that passion to destroy .. it doesnt matter what it takes and we strive to bring down someone elses character just to make our own character “look” good.

What is most times overlooked is that people eventually get wise … the truth always comes out as they would say. The need for revenge on others should not be a thought in this world of experience that we live in. Trying to hurt someone as much or more than they hurt us only fuels a never ending battle between both individuals.

There are times where we need to let go of the negativity of others and allow them to be in their own space and yes, what they may have done would hurt us,  but accept that hurt.. love that hurt and allow it to flow through taking from it the beauty it was here for. Harboring thoughts of hate and revenge for another just shows the need to be right … not the need to be happy.

Sometimes the sweetest revenge is staying silent when they expect you to react. When someone can still make you angry to the point of where it consumes you then they still have control over you. When we can allow others to just “be” who they are and you can in turn allow yourself to bask in the beauty of your experiences then revenge would never consume you.

We have to strive and be responsible for the actions of ourselves and the vibrations we continue to carry. Not everyone is going to “love us” and not everyone you are going to allow in your space but harboring negative thoughts and using your energy to create and fuel that war will only prove to destroy you … in light of the quote … U are digging your own grave.

When others take the time to hurt you with words or try very hard to bring your character down .. transmute it and watch it transform into an experience that allowed you to grow instead …


12 thoughts on “Revenge

  1. this is so lovely and so needed, rasheeda. when we focus on the pain and hurt others have caused us it grows ever deeper within us. then we are basically helping them to hurt us more. why would we want to be a party to that? makes no logical sense at all.

  2. "What others think of us is none of our business." Eleanor RooseveltSo easy to hear those words… not so easy to let go of the ego and heed them… :-)Love this article, Rasheeda! It says everything! ♥

  3. Like your quote…I know where it came from. I think people need to learn from their experiences. Life is so short and sweet to be caught up in games like revenge. Yes its true that we hurt others and others hurt us..and it all depends on the degree of hurt that we choose to forgive and forget or just forgive. However, essentially we move on because Life goes on. Another issue is our past. Its human nature to bring up the past to hurt others…this reminded me of a quote I heard on Criminal Minds tonight…its this: :Bring the past only if you are going to build from it." ~Doménico Cieri Estrada. We must look at everything in a positive mind setting that will allow us to be happy with ourselves and release the individuals who want nothing more than to see one suffer.Your article is all relevant and I will continue to support your writings…Love you

  4. I love that saying Tash .. over time we all come to the realization of where our energies needs to be. There is another saying … When the past is present … the present is absent.. Quite true what you said angel that only take from the past what we need build on Love you to

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