We all have the days where we sit and maybe just cry a river of tears or you feel like the vultures at your back wont ever leave you to be.  All the memories stir inside and you come to the bitter sweet moments that is just endless.  The tears flow with a million questions.  ‘Why”…… seems to be the most popular of them.   Why do the daggers that others carry cut so deep that you feel you are in the wreckage of your own soul? 

Why do others single you out based on their own fears and perceptions and create havoc and illusions for others so that each step you take you feel like you are taking ten steps back.  What is their mission? Why do others speak ill about you even though they have no clue of who you are or what you are about?  Why are they in your life ? Why do they choose to create mischief?

Who are these vultures and what do the daggers mean?  The vultures are lights on our path … the daggers? … (smile) …. they are the lessons.  We trust others with everything we have inside sometimes but inside their intentions are not the same for us.  What do we do ?? How can we know?  We will always find the truth in things when we silence our mind.  That whisper you hear, that message you get when you just “listen”.  Its always there … that little voice.  The Angels walk with us always .. they are never far behind. 

When the vultures bring you to your knees – look up … what do you see?  Close your eyes and listen to the sky.  Find the strength in the sweet sound of the Divine …… he whispers “I am with you”.  Who can these vultures hurt?  Us?  Yes they can – but only when we allow them to.  These vultures are the catalyst that brings us to our core.  These vultures are the ones chosen to help us …. See it that way or don’t ….. it is what it is. 
They have their own lessons to learn … we have ours.  In the breaking of hearts we sometimes learn the greatest lessons.  They have their own war within …  they would have their own vultures they would meet on their path that will carry them to the realisation of their actions.  What we need to concentrate on is our light.  We have to be like the eagle that flies free and independent.  When we look at ourselves lets make sure we are not vultures looking for our prey day after day.
So when next you cry that river of tears and the daggers in your back seem to break you to the core remember that on our path we will find the ones that will stir us ..… it may not seem that way but when you look closer you will realise that in each of these adversities it helped you in a way far greater than what you expected.  Don’t spend your life questioning,  just believe in the limitless lessons we are here to learn.  In your silent wars the victory is there when you conquer your inner self.

10 thoughts on “Vultures

  1. When wounds are fresh, they are still hurtful. It is only through the healing that the lesson comes to light. Vultures have their time and place and they also disappear from view when they realize there is still life in the carcass. Keep shining your light, Rasheeda! Love your post! ♥

  2. Well said Jean — I also think in viewing them as just that and looking forward to the message they bring also helps in pampering the pain a bit… Gotta love them:)

  3. It's all part of a projection you know, all the vultures, the angels, saints and sinners in our lives are drawn to us because something inside us opens the door for them. With the negatives, it's usually something we've tried to bury or deny, it's only strength, like the tar baby in the Uncle Remus tales, comes from us. When we stop fearing those things and trying to deny them their power to influence us at all vanishes.

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