Who does not know this emotion ??  The emotion that changes how you see life — how you perceive others and more so how much it holds you back from just Being.  We all have it from time to time and subconsciously as well — deeply the roots connect with us and before we know it our life has passed us by with nothing great to remember. 

There are others who feed fear into others – they are the weak ones when we really look at it.  They strive for control and they live their life feeding on the fear of others.  Most fear to lose – to lose something whether material gain or something of importance to them, others fear losing someone and they live their life trying to please others instead of themselves. 

Fear is that obstacle that stops you from accomplishing everything you ever dreamed of and more. That light that is within is not controlled by the darkness inside — the light have the power to shine so bright that the darkness will never return. 

Feeding into fear stops you from being who you truly are.   If you have to lose someone or something then its divinity stepping in that will make room for something far better – we just have to trust that.  Losing friends, relationships is very difficult and it comes with a lifetime of pain sometimes but if we grasp the lessons, grow from it and let go in love then our fears would not follow us in the next step in life and love. 

Never allow anyone to make you feel less of yourself. Sit quietly at times and listen to the little voice inside that always steer you on the right path.  There is no need to fear when we have the angels, the guides and all the beings around us sent to us by that Divine Love from above.  When you feel those wings around you and you hear that voice inside saying “I am with you”  what is there to fear ??

Hold strong to your values, you will not do everything right and the ones that hold your hand along the way will NEVER let you fall.  The ones that stand with you will always be there loving you unconditionally even after you come out of your cocoon and turn into the beautiful butterfly you are meant to be. 


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