Daddy ………..  That strong man with a gentle smile that make u feel so safe in the crazy world around you.  How the memories of your unconditional love still helps me to find my way through this ever changing world.  How the warmth of your love still cover me as if your protection never ceased.

The old familiar songs would play and in the memories of yesterday still lies the hope that one day we will meet again.  One thing I remember most is that I played the game of draught with him for years and he will always beat me — then came one day I finally won — I never wanted to play after that — he smiled and said — “Did u really win or did I let you win?” Haha — I asked “so which one is it?  His answer was — “The one that you know is true”.  Why did you let me win then I asked — his smile said it all — I love you!

How your presense made me feel that my mistakes was not mistakes,  they were just steps being taken to reach the best of who I am.  How your punishment would put that fear that doing wrong was not an option.  How the many lessons I learnt in your silence is still with me today.  How your messages lies in the music I dont even understand. 

Thank you my beautiful father — thank you for cubing my fruits and placing a fork in it, thank you for allowing me to suck my thumb on your lap and play with your ear.  Thank you for sacrificing for me to have what  I needed and wanted,  thank for the journey of trials and tribulations that is still unfolding.  Thank you for sitting with me nights upon nights when I didnt feel well, for making ginger tea that I hated so much.  Thank you for knowing all my mistakes even before I did and for taking my hand in yours.  Thank you for asking all the masqueraders at Carnival time for their banners so that I can go home and pretend to be them. Looking back now your love was in every act, in every smile and even in every stern word.

The lessons we learn from our parents is one of the most integral part of our upbringing.  Sometimes we miss those lessons until we become a parent ourselves and then we understand, but the lessons are never lost — we just see it later on in life.  In every memory lies the hidden message that brings us to that special awareness. 

Thank u dad for the gift of u 🙂


2 thoughts on “Daddy

  1. OK so you have me in tears , but they are happy tears .I love your dad cause he gave us you and I know my dad and yours are watching over us and shaking their heads and laughing

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