Divine Unfolding

The canvas is empty — paint a picture — write a story — share a smile or just love unconditionally.  Whatever we choose to put on this canvas always have something higher at work for us and within us.    The colours on this canvas is used to create perfect rainbows in the end.

Divine unfolding – those sacred words — what does it mean ? For me its everything that just IS.  Whenever I meditate and I sit and listen to what is told to me – I always hear — “I am with you”.  He is always with us touching our souls with every step we take.  His divine plan unfolds in everything we see.. I heard the saying quite a few times — “We can plan all we want but HE is the best of planners. 

This sacred unfolding happens to us all the time -we just dont realise it  at the time.  Time often goes by and when we look back we know whatever happened brought us to a better place.  We are all unique — we love differently,  however how we choose to splash the paint on our canvas will determine the picture we look at in the end.  If we look closely at the colours we would realise each colour whether dark or light is unfolding to bring us that beautiful picture.

We create everyday with the power of our thoughts, what is within projects outwards and our world is created.  The signs we get, the messages received, the people that step in and even the ones that step out are all unfolding perfectly.

The Divine – his love so vast for all his creation.   Im sure each one of us that closes our eyes and really concentrate on his love will hear the words “I am with you” 🙂  Trust that.

When we trust the divine plan and we go with it – flow with it and FEEL all that IS then we are at the core of our being!


9 thoughts on “Divine Unfolding

  1. Hi Rasheeda! We are part of each other's lives for a time, a season, and we move out and away and eventually find ourselves, once again, seated across from each other full of love for the experience, the journey, the path that brought us together again. It is so lovely to TRUST and to KNOW. Love, light and blessings! ♥

  2. Wonderful Rasheeda! The Canvas of Life is meant to be happy and filled with beautiful colors! Fill the Canvas indeed, with as much color as you wish, but most important…enjoy the Canvas before you…no matter what!

  3. As I read your words I hear your voice it is like you talking to me directly.I am glad you are with me on the path that the divine put me on ,every one I meet on my journey was put there to teach me, and my friend I am glad you have been put her to shine a true light on my path

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