The Book of Love

Im sure we continue on this journey wondering how we will find what our soul searches for. Sometimes we stop and think we found it but then life pushes us to a limit to question our decisions. We always find people that we have connections with on this path – but when we find them or they find us do we shift our world? Do we question every decision asking if it was a good one or not?


Dont question — be free to feel what your guidance tells you. If you silence yourself you will find yourself smiling to the endless possibilities out there. The people on our path are our teachers — every single one of them — the chapters in our book of love are sometimes bookmarked by the intensity we feel for others and how it has impacted on our journey.


What does our soul search for ?? Why do we sit and say sometimes — is this “IT”? What the soul searches is completeness — the bliss of finding who you truly are in this beautiful world and on this beautiful journey.


I call it the Book of Love as everyone knows  — “Everything is for us and not to us.” Every single meeting with others is here out of Love for us — to push us to the very core of our being – to understand who we are and to answer that question we all long to answer – “what is our purpose here?”.


Some of these people stay with us on our journey to ourselves and some change direction to follow their own path — their own truth and turn the pages in their own Book of Love. Sometimes we are left heartbroken, we are left trying to find a way to survive. There are love stories that push us to unbearable limits and we try to find that balance to help us to move on.

Love is not based on a touch or the things that others would do to prove it to you. It is felt deep within that you just “know”. Its the inner voice talking to us and in that you get the comfort of how imperfectly perfect you are.


Some say “I love you” but most times there are limits. Limits to what they can do or what they wont do — how much they can give because they look for what you give out to match that. Unconditional love is just what it says “unconditional”. I smile sometimes when I hear people around me — I sometimes hear — “when you give me what I need I will do what you want me to do” ever heard that ?? what about — “U dont deserve anything because you did not give me what I wanted”.


Funny isnt it ?? We say we love others more than life itself sometimes but we wait to see what we get first before we can show our love. Love is not based on what you get back.  Its based on going within and allowing that light to shine out, rippling over with unconditional love for all. In doing that it creates that purity of Love that we all seek and in shining that light for others you will find the beauty of all that IS.


So when next you go back to your chapters and you read the bookmarked pages — smile — they were the most beautiful teachers. The book of Love is never closed — the pages just keep being written as we go along on this beautiful journey 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Book of Love

  1. All i thought about was meeeeeeeeeee aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeand my Book…..we got so much In commonnnnnnnnnnnnnnLove is Unconditional and Not being selfish … is always there just that some dont know what Love is …..It refers not to just a boy and a girl ….but to everything in the universe….for without it….Life is Dull boring and have no meaning or path or direction……

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