Ever wondered what is the difference between a “Boss” and a “Leader”?.  I truly believe a Leader is one who is servicing others.  His character shows in his actions and his deeds.  How many times we come across bosses that only care to make money and not care for their workers?. You see those same bosses giving to the famous charities only to have the name out there but with their own people who work diligently for years are not even spoken to. 

I am very much aware of people around me and the people that I choose to take into my space.  The characters stand out more than you know.  I would know this because I am blessed to be someone who works for a Leader not a Boss.  His unselfish acts, his generosity and his kindness speaks volumes.  His Leadership brings togetherness and love.  He touches each soul on a different level and he is far beyond the greed for money.  He loves it – he wants it but he gets it because of his unwavering commitment to serving others.

Three weeks ago as most would know the compound I live on was flooded out.  One of first to call was him — I was in tears at the time — his first words were “Nothing to worry about — I will help you”.  Sometimes things are said by others and they have no idea the impact  they have on others with just little words.  I knew this to be true as over the years he have never failed in his determination to make “his children” successful.  U see the difference to me is this — he knows what is needed and when it is needed.  He just knows.  He knows when to push you to the limit of yourself to be successful and then he knows when its time to give generously without a question.  His light is more than each one of us that work for him can ask for. 

His richness goes beyond the financial aspect of his life and he continues to grow daily.  Leadership is never easy — everyone wants their ego stroked from time to time — but with him its a fleeting moment.

We often hear the saying “Teach someone how to fish instead of handing them the fish”.  There are some circumstances where you need to hand the fish — and some you teach how to fish.  The difference lies in the love and compassion you feel for others.  We cant make a difference to the whole world all at once but it starts with the “man in the mirror. 

A company is not a company without the “people”.  When I look at companies now and you see the “Boss”  I often ask myself — wonder which one — Leader or Boss??


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