Mere Raam

I was listening to a song called “Mere Raam”  it means “My God” and it stirred so many emotions.  As I sat I closed my eyes and I can still type this while the song is playing. I can surely feel what it means and I can feel all the divine energies flowing through me and for me.  Two simple words “My God” what does it mean to you ?? 

 There is music that sings to your soul and you will feel connected to it – something we are all familiar with but it does something within us

I get to ask all the questions and I get to feel the answers — I get to say “why?” and the light of the divine answers it on so many levels — we are never apart.  And the tears would flow and the emotions are so very high when you are in this dance.  No one can tell you how you should feel and why you should – you embrace the emotions coming out and you take with you the lessons it teaches. 

When I look around me I see all the people whose light connects with mines and they are shining brighter than I have ever seen them.  U get so everwhelmed with emotions — u are LOVE.

All dressed in white sitting by the ocean as the sun sets listening to the music of the soul and connecting with the Divine.  Basking in all that IS.  You are always protected.  Each and every soul has a journey — its their journey — their path to follow  and you have yours.  The souls that stay with you no matter what are the ones that would bring to you the light.  They shine their light for you to follow and in following them you reach level after level until you reach that state that IS.

I am not at that level but the journey in getting there is so profound –mystery after mystery. 
Let your journey be free to feel — feel all the emotions that you need to feel — love them and embrace them in your own way.  

So choose the music that sings to your soul and connect in a way that is beyond anything you have ever known.   …………………………….  Feel your Raam


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