A Vacation

I read today”Instead of worrying when your next vacation is going to be, maybe you should set up a life you dont have to run away from”.  True isnt it?  We dont like Monday mornings as we dont like to find our way to the workplace.  When we find the joy in our jobs and do it with passion then the rewards are endless.

I remember when my boss sold the Company – I was devastated.  He sold the Company to friends of his and was quite confident that the culture there would not change.  It didnt for a couple years but then things inevitably did.  I was not happy there anymore and it showed in how I did my job and how much I got back from it.  Over a year or so things changed drastically and my previous boss got wind of all that was happening.  He with his kind heart decided to start a new Company and called me.  I was one of the first 5 people to resign after being there for 15 years.  I did not know anything about  salary or how we were going to make it as we had no stock – we had nothing really.  All I knew I trusted this man implicitly and I knew within myself we were going to make it.

The five of us that resigned at the time sat around a table in a small office.  I still remember my first sale — it was from a Company that have been with me for years . To cut the story here,  we are now the number one promotional items Company in Trinidad after just 2 years.  The passion we had inside to make it drove us to do what we needed to do to make it.  We enjoyed every second of it and we had love all around us.

I do understand that not everyones workplace is going to be the same – and I  do know that we need to have an income to live but what I also know is that when your follow your passion and do it with love then you will be where you want to be faster than you can imagine.  I heard someone say not to long ago — If you want to become a millionaire then help someone else become one :).

Dont worry about the vacation that is needed sometimes – instead set up the life that you dont need to run from and everyday will be a vacation.  I smile at Monday mornings. We all have our stress to deal with day in day out sometimes but when your heart sings with the essense of life, when you inhale gratitude and let out peace — Your world becomes your  sanctuary ……. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Vacation

  1. From "have to" to "choose to" in a single thought. When we learn to Love what we do, it no longer seems like a task but a pleasure of doing. Taking the necessary steps, to live a fruitful life, we learn to enjoy every second of our day.

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