Finding your way !

Finding your way is never easy — following a path that you are comfortable with and the path that takes you away from the judgement of others is very difficult.  We were born and then before you know it belief systems was handed to you and we all followed without a question. We were told if we  question the wrath will be upon us so we sat back and just followed. 

But then one day the search began – the questions that kept nagging at you in your heart had to come out and you start that shift – that freedom within to explore and understand – who am I and what am I here for.  We all have this within us but some see it and some choose not to ask the questions. Some find their path and they are contented with what they have chosen. 

We were judged based on whether we ask questions or we dont.  I live in a world where every religion believes they are the right way and that we will feel the wrath upon us if we dont follow.  But is it really so ?  I learnt now we find our own way – shine our own light and connect with our maker in the most comfortable way known to us.  We should be passionate of getting to know and loving our God the best way we know how. 

We should treat all of mankind with unconditional love regardless of what religion or path they have chosen to take.  Isnt this the true message?  Isnt this how God loves us ?  Unconditionally?  We often try to find our way – find our path – and we search and search out there to get the information we need to take the next step but we bypass looking within.  When we are passionate about who we are and what we stand for then we have defined ourself.   When we connect with God we need not search any longer as we found what we have been searching for right inside of us.  Our higher self will never steer us wrong if we just learn to connect on a pure level and listen to the voices within. 

I heard something today –they were talking about — IMAGINATION — he said “I — Magi —- Nation”  we are a nation of magic.  We can create only if we allow ourselves to imagine what we want out of life and love and then the magic is created.  We all know the saying — you bring about what u think about. 

Lets connect – lets leave the fact that we follow a particular religion to dissuade us from being the best we can be to each other. We all try to find our way – but we can only do this by being true to ourselves.  The people and signs are all there to help us on our way if we just pay attention them.  Our path is a journey – a journey not based on the belief system given to us but by the belief system we create for ourselves from our hearts. 


3 thoughts on “Finding your way !

  1. Wow! This is bold and so perfect! Thank you Rasheeda for putting this 'out there' as it is something that is taking more momentum. We truly are a nation of Magic and can all create it…we merely have to believe it and see it as truth.

  2. This is so profound. Indeed our journey is one in which there are signs and directions we must follow but in the interim we must first choose to believe in ourselves. By believing in ourselves, we obtain a clear vision which allows our decision making process to be true to our belief. For these are the things that build our personality and allow others to respect us and see us for who we really are.Thanks Rasheeda!! Love you lots xoxox

  3. Again my friend you have put words to your heart,you teach me something new every day,here in your words you speak of love with love I am glad you r my friend and I have the honour of sharing your words with others

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