The Message

Do we look at others and the status they carry before we can take a message from them?? I know some do – they only take the signs and the words that come from their spiritual leaders or their parents, teachers and the list go on.  Its only taken from the people that are worth something in their minds or hearts.  Why is this??  Is it because we lack the awareness of lifes signs that speak to us everyday?  I think we do sometimes. 

I have realised the messages and signs come in all forms from the people we least expect but if we open our hearts and minds to the beauty there is and that each and every single one of us have something to teach others then our path would be easier to follow.  There are signs in everyone — the words others speak are to you and also for you.  It comes in all disguises we just have to listen.

I once had a friend that told me he was going through a very hard time in life – he lost his girlfriend, job and didnt know how to handle things.  While chatting I asked him “so what did you do ?”  His answer was – “I wanted to end it all –  but I couldnt”  so the next best thing to do was to drown his sorrow with alcohol.  I said “u drank it all away??”  He said I tried to but something happened that night.  I remember his words — “I was driving to the next available bar I can find and as he came out his car a man passed close to him as he was closing the door and bounced his shoulders,  as he turned around he saw a dirty looking man barely clothed with a bottle in his hand – drunk as can be.  He smiled and opened his car again and went back home. 

He told me I knew if i had started drinking that night I probably would not have stopped and looking at that man that night I believed it was a sign.  God used a drunk man to send a message to him – to send a sign to him.  To date he survived and have a lovely life.  

My friends the signs are always there – the messages are always there if we just take the time to notice them.  We sometimes think that the only people that can guide us are the ones that we look up to and the ones that have given us guidance all our lives but this certainly is not the case.  We have messages in everyone — even a beggar on the street.  They are there to remind us sometimes that the choices we make lands us where we are.  We are ONE and we contine to learn and grow each and everyday.

Unconditional love is something we need to cultivate for others and for mankind.  When we love unconditionally even to the ones that hurt us we let go – we let go of all the blockages that keeps us from stepping forward and claiming all that is rightfully ours.  The gift of life, the gift of love and all that it brings with it. 

We are LOVE and if we take every person as a message – every sign as a message and we learn to take from others – whether it be our leaders, our parents , our family, our angels and guides we will grow into the beings we were created to be.  A being of infinite light and love …… πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “The Message

  1. πŸ™‚ Beautiful Rasheeda. This goes along with my life right now. Thank you for writing this. I have noticed as I walk through life watching everything…living in the Now…paying attention to synchronicity events, life just flows with guidance, blissful love and abundance of anything we could dream up. It pays off to live in the now, and be silent…so we can listen to the lessons that are being made.I am a being of infinite light and love is a beautiful mantra. I will use it often…thank you, Kitten

  2. You are the nigtengale of my life Debi — what u have achieved in so little time is amazing — keep the signs close and the messages even closer love you πŸ™‚

  3. I knew from the moment I read this article, I would feel better about myself. The awareness you inculcate in others about life and the process in which we all need to concur is a gift. As per your article, well my friend, God has spoken through you to send this message to all who need to hear it. Thanks for a lovely article.Tash.

  4. Thanks for this lovely review Tash — God took u out put u back in life and all this is to learn and grow – I hope now this stays and we continue along our path growing and learning — πŸ™‚

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