Answered Prayers

Sometimes we go through life just wondering sometimes, wondering what is out there for us, wondering who is going to come along and sweep us off our feet, wondering if we would ever find love, trust , care and all the other things that goes along with our hunger for love,  We often wonder if God is really listening, if the angels are really holding our hands, you wonder if they are  really there when we call upon them – or is God really llstening when we go on our knees begging for a way out of these problems that always seem to come face to face with us day after day.

The beauty of what is outside is an indication of the beauty within.  When we open our hearts to being at peace with ourselves then we can truly see the beauty around.  When we have a heart of gratitude for all the beauty around us , only then the veil from our eyes are removed and we see the beauty of everyone and everything that was created.

I watched my mom 3 years ago in the Intensive Care Unit fighting for her life  – she did not respond for two days, her eyes remained closed with not an indication if she will ever open it.  The doctors can only tell us what they know nothing more – we just had to wait and pray.   I thought it was the end and my heart broke seeing her lying there with just tubes down her neck.  Prayers would be on our lips constantly as we watched with the shiver in our hearts that maybe she may not make it.  Then she awoke on the 3rd day – although she did she could not speak – u would call her name and her eyes will just fly open – she could not answer you.  By the 5th day things started changing – one of the times I remember was when I needed to put some lip balm on her lips as it was cracked and the nurse said “Let her do it”  I remember putting the balm on her finger but she could not reach her lips – she just kept trying – her mouth could not reach her hands and her hand could not reach her mouth.  My heart broke in a million pieces as never before had I seen an adult turn into a child again.  All the while – tears were being shed, hopes were lost , prayers just seemed like it would never be answered , and thoughts that the Angels are not hearing my cries.

3 Years after I can look back and say – God was there, the angels did hear me – I was just too caught up in wanting everything to happen now so I would feel better.  I did not realize that it was answered almost immediately – just her physical body needed time to heal itself. 

I lost my dad 19 years ago – he was more to me than anything but that day at the hospital bed I could have felt his presense – and I remember saying – “I already lost you – please don’t  take her now”  little did I know he was not there to take her but maybe to give her the strength to come back fully. 

My friends we have soo many questions sometimes that goes unanswered, some days we are at our worst and some days we at our best,  sometimes its hard to believe that our prayers are going to be answered and you don’t think the angels are listening.  But I have come to know now that just because you don’t see a way doesn’t mean God doesn’t have a way!!  In our lives each and everyday we sometimes take for granted the little things, maybe our parents, our families and maybe even the fact that we are not in a hospital.  Lets all strive to be better to all so that maybe if we do end up in a hospital bed that the light that shines within us will be enough to give our loved ones the faith to believe that all prayers will be answered and that the angels are always with us. 
Let your light shine 🙂

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