When Doors Close

I read somewhere that things arent always what they seem.  Acquiring wisdom in the situations we face can be quite difficult when blinded by what we believe in and how we think things should be.  No one really listens — all people hear is the rambling of their own voice higher than others.

I remember a year ago I lost contact with someone that I loved dearly.  We were best friends for over 15 years – I remember her first job – it was with me and our friendship went on for years from then.  The laughter, the talks, the tears we both faced took us to places we never really understood.  One day this friend left me – based on her own truth and how things were perceived.  We never talked about it in detail – it was her voice above mines and my voice above hers.  So the friendship separated. 

Over the time period we kept in contact only with birthdays and even though it was a happy moment to receive the messages it was also a sad moment to be reminded of what was no longer there.  Hearts remained empty but what was most important is that we had no hate – we just had no understanding of where each other was at.  One thing I always admired though was her honesty.  Blunt and sometimes wrong as she was – she said it anyway.  Me on the other hand – held the silence of things I needed to say. 

The day I started this blog – I remembered all the people that pushed me to do this and as I remember it her name stood out most as I started to write many many years ago.  I realised something for the first time that day – I no longer feared talking to her and I got on facebook and sent her a message thanking her for the words of encouragement many years ago.  I was pleasantly surprised at the message I got back – Her words …..

“My heart has always cherished and kept our friendship safe and secure as I know that one day this door will open and release all the unspoken love, greetings, encouragement, late night talks, sharing and hugs that were left untouched for so long.  I certainly hope that one day we could both smile again to this.”

Sometimes people walk out and you think the doors are closed.  Its not that way most times.  If this person walks out for good based on ugliness then this is for your higher good but does not mean that everyone that walks out means they wont return someday when you least expect .  She followed her truth and I followed mines.  In time hurt turned into compassion/

I also read recently : What others say or do is because of their perception of their reality. It has no connection whatsoever with your perception of reality. When you make yourself immune to the opinions and actions of others, you automatically detach from needless suffering.

Our truth is what is important — it is often said if you cant speak your truth then hold your silence.  Their is something in my religion called “Fitnah”  it means “separation”.  And the verse goes “Do not leave any stone unturned for those who cause fitnah” meaning people who cause separation between others.

Creating peace is hard when you try to be right.  But if you chose to be happy instead of right then your words will always be directed towards the light.  We are all guilty of it at one time or another but if we really take humans as people who have feelings we will learn to listen and understand views.  And if we have compassion those views will be understood.  You may not always agree with it but in the end you will be more respected for speaking a kind word instead of creating wars.

The people who walk out does not always mean u are right and they are wrong it just means they are following their own truth and they are teachers — they taught us something and they learnt something as well. 


4 thoughts on “When Doors Close

  1. When doors close, another opens and we enter refreshed and experienced. This is the opportunity life gives us and we must seek that pathway which will lead us to a better life, fulfillment and happiness.Along this pathway, our experiences have inculcate the way in which we look at life and above all the way in which we interact with each other. In other words, when doors close and another opens we should seize every opportunity to rekindle the things which makes us happy and thus live a good life.Great article! Keep writing my friend. This was very touching and inspirational.Love you

  2. My dear friend – we have and we will continue to strive on the path of honesty and being a true friend to each other — we will learn and experience — life is beautiful — love you to 🙂

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